Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Self Photo Critique - Kimberly Kester Photography

Here are a quick couple photos I took of Baby Lucas last week, only 5 days new (or technically 4 days since he was born on Monday) & Wow, Jenn looked amazing!!!
I often beat myself up (you have no idea how often) over not having a better lens, better camera, better lighting gear, better talent....that I thought I would beat myself up in front of all 2 people who read this haha. I decided to bore you with a list of things I coulda, shoulda, woulda done to make these photos better. I'm not saying they're right & let me also say, Jenn said she loved them (and so do I), I just feel the need to do this. Kinda saying it out loud, forces myself to just accept what I did, make the most of it, learn from it & move on. I do pretty good up to the moving on part. It's impossible to know everything about photography, so as long as I keep getting better (in my own eyes), that's all that matters.
So, Here goes.....
I coulda set up my flash stand & used off camera flash to light the scene better, I coulda used my tripod to slow the shutter speed slightly to 1/80 to add more light to the image. I shoulda increased my ISO even higher than it already was (my settings were f-1.4, shutter speed 1/100 & ISO 400) or even gone around & turned on all the lights & hoped for the best. It was pretty dark inside the house @ 9 am & dark clouds were dumping lots of rain that morning. Light was not on my side, even with my best low light lens.
Isn't he a cutie, looks so much like his daddy, he's like a mini Dave. The truth is, I went there to meet Lucas, I didn't even have an hour to visit that morning & had even less time for photos but wouldn't have missed it for the world. Super happy I got these few.
For my niece Amanda, Let me go a little deeper into the technical parts. I had Jenn stand in front of her dining room window which was the brightest area of the home at that time, instead of using artificial lights. I was going for a mood shot, but it wasn't going to be easy. My camera hand shakes a little more than the average person, I couldn't go slower with the shutter speed, without my tripod. Lucas was moving a little & with the aperture being wide open (f-1.4) for the most light, I tried to snap the photo when he held still the most, I think I got pretty lucky. (Oh, I had other settings on "One Shot" since there wasn't almost no movement from Jenn & I was being patient with Lucas to hold still for just a second. I moved the focus point to focus on Jenn's eye in 1st photo & Lucas's right eye on the 2nd photo, the part that I thought told the story most). With a tripod, I prob would have been able to go to 1/80 but not slower with Lucas moving. Pop up flash was NOT going to happen & that would have only left the ISO to go up higher, it probably should have been at least 800. In post processing, I turned up the exposure, added an "Action" & these are the outcomes. Are they the best, nope. Are they still nice photos, I think so & I'm my own worst enemy. So when they look back on these photos, are they going to think how I "shoulda done this & shoulda done that"? Are you serious? They will just love seeing Baby Lucas being his cute little self weighing less than 6 lbs & fits in the palm of your hands,... their precious, tiny, hungry, little man. I LOVE these moments!!!
After our session later this week, I promise to post the photos for those who don't have fb. I was honestly just jazzed to get to see this little man & his absolutely beautiful mama Jennifer. Can't wait for my next visit. Thank you for inviting me Jenn, holding Lucas definitely made my day & brought back lots of memories when my little ones, were little ones. These moments don't last long & I'm so glad I was there to capture those tiny musician fingers delicately touching mommies face while expressing the only way he knows how, "I'm hungry".

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Private Park Part 2 - Kimberly Kester Photography

Sometimes I see something beautiful that just can't be passed up & I'm super lucky I have my camera handy. Here are some of those somethings. I posted these on my Kimberly Kester Photography facebook page as well http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.248884498536832.58451.113161385442478&type=1&l=97a67395d2, stop by if you haven't already & check out my page. For those who are not a member of fb or can't access it, here are the same photos, so you don't miss out on our pretty private park. The day started with the moon rising early the other morning in the front yard, followed by some chilly sweet icing & ended with a sunset displaying her pretty pinkness. What a fantastic day!
As soon as the truck was hit by the quickly rising sun, the ice was melting, I had to work fast. These first 2 photos are of my truck, it rained the day before & was super cold, my truck is silver so the photos are super light & the ice formed almost flat with a sparkly crystal pattern. You can see how the strong winds shaped it beautifully, almost like velvet or feathers.
The photo above & the rest of these ice crystal photos are from Jons truck, it's dark green & the sun was hitting it differently than mine so they formed a lot cooler, I was secretly a little jealous when he pointed it out. This next ice pattern almost looks like choppy ocean waves. Remember to click on the image to make them larger.
Couldn't resist a heart shaped on Jons frozen passenger window (Marissa thinks I could do better, lol. gosh I love that girl, she's right) & I couldn't resist the last photo of the pretty sunset. It's not the best I've seen but I'm happy I had my camera available & ready for at least this one. The night before & the night after, didn't look this nice, so I'm not complaining.
We love our yard. As soon as the tulips, redbud blooms & so many more of our little things spread their Spring happiness, I'll be sharing those as well.
Getting back to why I started photography in the first place (for sharing little treasures like these) is so good for my soul. Photographing people is a completely different catagory when it comes to photography & I love it in it's own way, but I don't want to forget the beauty that I get to enjoy each day, right down to a fresh sprouted mushroom (like I photographed a few years back). I think it's why I'm an emotional photographer. I see the simple things that others might take for granted & I try to show the beauty that they're screaming out for me to capture.
I hope everybody stops & enjoys every moment, just stop, you won't regret those sometimes rare moments like the moon rising in the morning through the trees, Spring flowers bursting with bright colors that quickly fade, the cool ice sculptures that only come on those very chilly mornings during a strong wind or a cloudy sunset that just makes you thankful you got to see it. It's simply a quick moment when you look at the bigger picture of how fast time flies. Enjoy them!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our private park - Kimberly Kester Photography

This time of year takes me back to the first things I used to photograph just over 3 years ago. In the beginning, I didn't want to photograph people, just the little things we can sometimes take for granted in life when we're all rushing around & not focusing on the joys we're given such as beautiful tree blooms. Little did I realize that the little things also include the expressions & emotions we share with one another each day & how others depend on those emotions from us. I have loved photographing people ever since but never forget my first love.
I have been waiting for our fruitless pear tree & redbud to bloom for a while now & the fruitless pear did luckily before this rain spell we're supposed to have, so I took advantage of it being nice outside last night @ sunset. I can't wait to take photos of the redbud & more of all the other flowers that go along with Spring, in our private park. Until then, here are a few for now, just one of God's creations he's blessed us with seeing. Enjoy your day & this moment!
Amanda I took both photos with my 50mm, 1.4 lens, the 2nd image I took at f/1.4, shutter speed1/640 & ISO 100. It was a little over exposed so I adjusted it a little in PS. The 1st image was taken @ f/2.2, shutter speed 1/500 & ISO 100, it was spot on. I pointed the camera to the sky & leaned on a metal stake that's helping secure the tree in the wind, for stability. I like the photo with the f/2.2 the best. I love our yard.

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