Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweet Baby Andrea, Congratulations!!!!

Taken 11-28-09. Remember Geoff & Amanda's wedding? Well, Amanda was expecting her first child during that wedding & I am extremely happy to introduce Sweet Baby Andrea (Andi). Andrea is about 2 months old now. Due to me being very ill right after Andrea's birth, they were not able to visit Redding for her first photo session so we took a trip to Oregon during Thanksgiving that allowed these precious moments to be captured, Finally! This is my antique chair I was so happy to receive from Jon...and yes, I hauled it with us just for this occasion.
Love these dimples. She got her daddy's dimples. Look at that smile, she's going to be a knockout when she gets older.
This quilt is special to Amanda. It says, "God's Littlest Angels" (I know it's hard to see), so I put the blocks spelling Andi above the writing. She really is a little Angel of God...and look at that tongue.
Love the expressions of Andrea & how she looks at her mommy & Auntie Kim.
Look at the way Geoff looks at Amanda. I love it! He loves her so much & look at that dimple of his. See where Andrea gets them...
Sleeping Beauty had to rest, she was awake for a lot of the session & I couldn't wait for sleeping pics.
The whole session didn't go without it's up's & down's & I had to catch that bottom lip. These moments don't last forever & they grow so fast. Every detail is very precious.
I love this shot. When I first got to the house, I was setting the camera for the lighting & Andrea flashed me the peace symbol. I took the picture so I could show them I wasn't crazy. Sooooo cute. I can't wait to get more time with her as she grows.

Matt's favorite pictures

Taken by Matt 11-14-09. These are Matt's favorite pictures he took from the family session we captured together. He loved the black & white setting on the point & shoot camera he used. He did such a good job for his first time & I can only bet he will be a better photographer much younger in life than me. I love you buddy, keep up the great work.
The picture below is Salah & Elizabeth playing together in the parking garage while mom is taking pictures of Micah.
Such a wonderful family. Thank you for letting Matt tag along & capture his "first family photo session".

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Family Fun- Redding Family Photographer

Taken 11-14-09. There are too many words to express how I feel about this family & Amber's mom, Kathy. I have known Amber for just over a year now & I love taking pictures of my "niece & nephew". Brandon & Amber have the biggest hearts as a couple & a family. Amber is a beautiful soul & Brandon helps her spirit continue to shine. You guys are the best & I always enjoy our time together. I applied a few trial coloring techniques with this post...wanted to changed things up a bit. I am so thankful for all I get with you. Time is short & you make it for me. Thank you & God bless you all. Amber, your family is the best & so glad I know you.
This is Elizabeth. She is their "adopted daughter" & a fun model. It was fun capturing her doing fun poses and she sure is a beautiful girl----- I mean woman.
These pics of Brandon & Amber are some of my favorites of the day. There is something about men who show love for their wives & Brandon brought it. Just look at how much he loves her. Such a sweet couple that are raising wonderful kiddos.
Thank you to all for the super fun day. Hope to see you again soon.
P.S. My son Matt also took some pictures of this family & I will post them soon. Thank you to both of my kids for helping me during family photo sessions, you guys are the best. Kids & pets just love both of you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall is here, Redding kids photography

Taken 11-8-09. I took my nieces & nephew on a trip to the park as the sun started to fall so we had a limited amount of time before the sun went away. I have forgotten what it's like to have a 3 year old & Kenzie reminded me of how they can't stand still for more than a second. Sam enjoyed a new hat of mine (stating AHHHHH, when I asked for it back) & Trevor had fun coming up with photo opportunities everywhere we went. This session was all about letting them have fun & that's definitely what we all did.
Fall is not complete without throwing colorful leaves up in the air & letting them fall all around you. So, we did. Kenzie could only get a little handful so I had Sam & Trevor throw more up for her.
These two pics were my fav of Kenzie, the one above where she's constantly on the move & the one below where she was calm enough to let me take one just before we left.
At the end of the photo session, they played on the playground, then we walked single file to the car (yeah, right). I couldn't get Kenzie to stand still for nothing but I expect that of a 3 year old. I try not to do too much posing with her cause she is off in literally seconds to another part of the park before I can shoot the picture. But I waited patiently and she rewarded me with that great pose above. You guys did great & thanks for the fun day.

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