Saturday, February 27, 2010

While I wasn't looking...

...but it happened right before my eyes, Richie turned 21 and the most exciting part is he let me take pictures the day after his birthday. When I phoned him on his birthday, I heard him complaining as he was walking to the phone about how he didn't want to hear anybody singing the Happy Birthday song. So, the mother that I am... sang it to him as soon as I heard, "H-e-l-l-o?" He grunted & groaned telling me to stop but I heard a smile deep, DEEP down & kept going to the end. I didn't want to be a quitter ;). He is way too young to complain about his birthdays, don't you think?
So, I decided to take advantage of the pictures I took (he probably won't be happy about this) & post them on my blog so those who know him, can see how much he's grown. BTW, Richie is currently writing a book series (trilogy) & I can't wait to read what he creates & that's not just because I'm his mom. Those who have read his previous newpaper articles & ramblings know what I'm talking about. The photo above, is Richie at 3 years of age. Look at those cheeks...
I liked these both so I put them both up.
He is always WAY too serious & needs to do more of that smiling. Seriously, I'm happy for our new grown-up relationship & enjoyed our time during the session. I love him, I hope he never forgets that & I'm happy he's my son everyday & every year. I'm glad he keeps having birthdays...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!

I'm almost a month late posting this but...Matt is officially 11 & as each year passes, I know I can't call him my baby for long (& pushing it as it is). We had a little present party at G-ma's on his b-day then went to a kids fun center the following weekend. It was raining too much so we couldn't drive the go-carts or play outside golf so we stayed inside & played golf inside in the upstairs section (just not the same), played laser tag (twice, cause I'm a sucker for his puppy eyes), spent way too many quarters on video games but he had LOTS of fun. G-ma's party pics below.
And just for the record buddy... I LOVE YOU MORE infinity & I loved you FIRST!!!!! Happy Birthday Matt!!!! I love you so very much & always will. XXXOOO

Friday, February 12, 2010

Precious Baby Alannah

As soon as I seen Alannah (which was 1 week before her mommy & daddy would get married & she was 1 month old), I couldn't help myself but want to take newborn pictures of her before she lost new brand-newness. It was cloudy & cold so indoor shots will have to do for now (further increasing that desire for a small indoor studio with a huge window for great natural lighting for such an occasion as this). Alannah was born Jan 3rd, little sister to Allilah, and new baby girl to TC & Shannon, CONGRATULATIONS!
Love little fingers & toes.
The next series is so adorable, my favorite of these is the last picture.
I love this one with mommy too.
Shannon runs her finger softly along Alannah's face to put her to sleep... like a charm. Is she adorable or what! Welcome to the world little one!
Personal note: When I first got my DSLR camera, Jon thought I would stop a new mother in a store & ask if I could take pictures of the baby. It cracked me up how he looked at me with concern when I seen a baby from a distance, thinking I would really do that & seemed to steer me in an opposite direction as I'm saying "AAAHHHHHH". Well, to this day, I have refrained from doing just that & know how relieved Jon must be ;) Thank you TC & Shannon, I appreciate you letting me stalk your baby & take pictures of her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TC & Shannon - Redding Wedding Photographer

Have I said lately how much I love photography? WELL, if I haven't...shame on me cause I had the most incredible time & can't wait for Alannah's newborn session on Friday. TC & Shannon were so much fun, doing things that always catch you off guard AAAAAND I didn't have my 2nd shooter so I was trying to be everywhere at once, WHEW! But seriously, when people get together and do things outside of standing & smiling, they make for the BEST pictures. The morning turned out sooooo beautiful, we didn't expect the beautiful skies & so much Vitamin D so we soaked it up. The b&w picture above is my very favorite of the day & that...ladies & gentlemen, was not an easy decision.
Congratulations TC & Shannon!!!!!! Let me know what you think...

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