Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baby piggies! - Kimberly Kester Photography

Got to see some newborn piggies the other day. Love how the toes scrunch up around mommy & daddys rings. She's so sweet, right down to her toes!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines Day firsts - Kimberly Kester Photography - Redding CA

It was a first for me, so when you get a delivery on Valentines Day & this is what's written on the outside of the box, you can't help but smile (big)....then tear it open as fast as you can cause you know it's only going to be good for a limited time! It says so :)

I was looking on the shipping box to see if the gift needed to be refrigerated & seen these instructions, that totally made me laugh out loud. It's got Jon's personality written all over it.

The inside of this card made me cry, I want to keep the contents private though (hope you understand). It's the first Valentines Day as Jon's wife & what he wrote inside just absolutely made my life perfect, the strawberries were just a bonus. I had heard a radio commercial for these strawberries about a week ago & had no idea he already had them as a planned delivery, I love this man!

Yes, I'm showcasing my favorite strawberry (if you couldn't tell), the nut covered one, Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Ok, the funny part about these 2 last photos, there was supposed to be a picture in between. I took a bite out of the nut covered strawberry (the best strawberry in my opinion, did I mention that already, hehe). It allowed the strawberry flavor to come through more & I loved that, the other 2 weren't bad but had lots of chocolate & I wasn't up for that much sweetness. Jon took a bite out of the chocolate chip covered one but I didn't hear any moaning, maybe  that's just me.

That was the best bite of chocolate covered strawberry I've every had & so juicy, the chocolate didn't take it over & allowed for that nice blend of strawberry flavor. Well, I have moments of pickiness & seen an ugly little piece of strawberry hanging where I bit it & decided to try & bite that off before taking the photo.

The whole strawberry came out of the chocolate casing, the strawberry was hanging from my mouth & the chocolate fell apart in my hands. I was forced to eat that delicious piece of yumminess & moaned several times in those few seconds it took me to finish it, couldn't help it, it was sooooo good & making a mess in my hand, so consumption time was critical.

 After seeing the mess I was in, Jon decided to eat the rest of his & grabbed it back off the plate. That only left the white chocolate one left for the photo. Jon was forced to eat that one shortly after, so it didn't feel left out. When I tried again with another strawberry a little later, it fell apart in the first bite again, dang my luck :)

Well honey, hopefully I'll have better luck next year getting that in between photo (wink, wink)!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bowling with the Pinkies....

Introducing my new pink bowling bag, along with my new bowling shoes & bowling ball. Have I mentioned I love pink. I think the guy at the Pro Shop thought I was a little crazy at first when we ordered my stuff, then when Jon went to pick the bags up, he told Jon that it was a pretty nice bag & that he even liked the pink. Haha.

The top compartment has a place for my shoes, then there's the compartment below with the ball. This is a pretty cool bag, they didn't have handles & wheels when my grandpa bowled way back when, so I feel like I've already scored big. That's about as close as I'm going to get to a big score too, lol, I know nothing about this sport but I'm looking forward to learning how to be a better player, it's like owniing my camera & never putting it in manual, that's not how I roll (pun intended haha).

Marissa & Matt are pretty excited about practicing with us, they won't get to play on league nights cause the place is completely packed but what great family time & I love getting them away from technology as much as possible. Jon said he felt soreness in his hiney after practicing & playing the other night, can't wait for that part, haha. He just joined a left handed guys league the night his stuff came in, he's having a blast, I love seeing him happy doing what he loves & happy he's taking me along for the ride, including me in what he loves. I want to start a league called the Pinkies, it's the closest to the "Pink Ladies". I think it's pretty cool but maybe I'm weird like that.

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