Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcoming Andrea...

Welcoming Andrea. After some recent birthday joy of my own & receiving the most strikingly unique antique chair for my photography from an incredible person...I am getting ready for house guests of the newborn kind. My great niece Andrea (less than 1 month old) is coming to visit me this Tuesday. Her mommy (my niece) Amanda & daddy Geoff were the couple I was honored to photograph for their wedding in Oregon & a quick little maternity session on the beach. During the visit, I get to take an overwhelming quantity of pictures in multiples lighting situation of my great niece & share them with you all. I will also be incorporating my new chair in some of the photographs as well. Can't wait to see how my photography grows during the use of this new striking unique chair & my growth in photography since my first newborn session little less than 1 year ago. Every session is unique to the situation & I can't wait for the new opportunity having them visit will be for me. This is a picture Amanda sent me from her camera phone of little Andrea just hours after her birth. Welcome to Redding, CA little one, I can't wait to meet you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"3 Musketeer's" toddler style (Cameron, Salah & Micah)

Taken July 2009. I am extremely excited to post these pictures. When I posted Salah & Micah previously from this session, I didn't have authorization from Camerons' mom to add the pictures that had Cameron the Cutie in them, so now I can show these off, YEAH!!...This is (left to right) Salah, Micah & Cameron. What a great extended family. They have such good cousin time together & I'm sure they will stay this close as they grow & as their families grow. Such good pre-models so be sure to check out their previous posts to see how they have grown. I have been honorably dubbed the name, "Aunt Kim" by Amber (mommy to Salah & Micah) & that warms my heart & I couldn't be prouder to feel like part of this family. We were "killing bubbles" this day, huh Cameron? I kinda got carried away with my excitement & added a lot of pics, hope you enjoy.
I don't think I have seen a happier little boy. He cracks me up.
Look at those faces, more than just a mother is going to think these kids are the cutest of them all. They had so much fun with simple bubbles, can't wait to take them to the slide, swings & hopefully lots of Fall leaves for the next session. Aren't kids are the best.
Cameron was very intent on explaining something & I have to say...he meant every...Uhhh...word? When toddlers start talking in sentences, they don't stop & even if you understand it all or not, you better just say, Uh-Huh & smile or you will hear about it (even if you can't understand that part too).
There's that cute little tongue of Salah's.
I love their little toes.
Thanks for the fun guys, I hope Cameron comes to visit often & I can keep everybody updated on their cuteness.

Cameron the Cutie

Taken July 2009. This is Cameron the Cutie. I am so happy to be posting this little boy. Most people might think a day with a 7 month old & 2 toddlers would be crazy. NOPE! Not with this family. Cameron is the cousin to two of my favorite models Salah & Micah. We had such a fun day taking pictures of these adorable kids. Pull out some old fashioned bubbles & watch some happy faces come to life. Thank you to Amber for introducing this family to me & thank you to Amanda for letting me post her extremely cute little boy. I can't wait for the maternity session with Amanda's new little baby bump. Congratulations to the family & keep watching for more posts of this adorable extended family. I have to shout out to my two chitlins for helping me this day. Matt (my 11 yr old) had a blast blowing bubbles & having a good time with the kids & Marissa (my 15 yr old) is always helpful & there when I need her the most. Great memories for my family too. Thank you all.
Look at this face!
...just look at this face... He was such a ham & so fun to capture his cute little expressions.
Look at these funny faces, all over bubbles.
Below is my fav picture of the day. I love how his face is so calm, it could burst out into any expression at any moment & often does with a smile (LOL).
Sooooooo cute.

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