Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Family slide show - Redding Photography

This family holds a special place in my heart & has for years, I love them like my own. Getting together with them again this year for family photos has been really cool & a total shocker...Salah gets prettier & prettier each time I see her & what a cutsie smile she can turn on instantly...And Micah is walking & talking...OMGosh has he gotten big Amber. I don't want to wait whole year to see them again. When editing their photos, I couldn't decide which photos to post so I decided to display their slide show I made for them. Turn up the volume & let me know what you think. Thank you Amber & Brandon for including me each year capturing your memories & telling me your home has mostly my photos on your walls =( Almost made me cry, a good cry. I had to fight it off, just like when Chuck & Jennifer surprised me with having my photos all over their walls during the last session with them. I had to suck it up & just keep photographing & not let them know how much it meant to me...but they all know now. All 4 of you are the best. I couldn't ask for better families to grow with. Enjoy!!

I'm loading a video for the first time since using the new slide show creator I have to work with. Upgrading isn't always better in some cases, this is 1 of them. If the video is small (I won't know until after posting it on the blog), I will be trying to fix it so please be patient with me while finding the best way to save the video for this display & Thank you. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'll take it...& like it - Redding Photography

It was just a simple email I received this morning in response to the Stacia & Mitch post, stating -"you captured something very special in these photos. Gosh, do you have a gift!"
...So simple but it made me cry.
Thank you B
I love it when people let me know they like what they see by sending me an email or commenting on my posts. The fact they took the time to write a little note with praise makes me feel like someone cares. I even got a simple, "your awesome" msg recently & tears started flowing. It really doesn't take much. Like my emails, Jon is constantly telling me that I have a special something that other people really like. He also reminds me that some people just don't "see" what I do & that's ok if they don't get it. Not that anybody says anything bad about my photography, it's really all in my head that people won't like what I do. But with each phone msg, text msg & email from my couples, families & fans, it sure does feel good they get it...& express it. I was totally jazzed when I got my first "follower" & it wasn't even someone I knew, how cool is that. Poor Jon, he doesn't have a chance. He calls me a softy...he's right. I still feel myself turn 3 shades of red when I cry in front of someone (which is highly avoided), even Jon. Another reminder I need to stop worrying about tomorrow & continue to concentrate on all the photographs I need to edit today. I am truly blessed.
So to all my family, friends & fans...I'll take it & like it. I hear you & I THANK YOU! Thank you for standing by me, believing in me & especially for the words of encouragament during my photography journey.
...And since I can't post without a photo...
Here's 1 of my great niece Andrea. How cute is she?
This is how I feel right now... pretty happy & confident in the path my life is taking.

Stacia & Mitch are celebrating their love -Redding Photographer

I get the honor of capturing Stacia & Mitchs special day in Sept 2011. We had a short session for some engagement photos so we could get to know each other before the wedding day. We met up in Old Shasta which was my first time using that landscape area since starting my photography career & I captured Stacias family for Christmas card photos at the same appointment. It was pretty busy place with other people & had quite a few other photographers doing the exact same thing I was doing. It was lacking a little privacy but we made the most of the last warmest day of the year. I can't wait for their wedding next year.
This last photo is 1 of my favorites of the day. Don't they look smoking hot! What an awesome love!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Welcoming Hayley - Susanville Family - Kimberly Kester Photography

This is Hayley, the incrediby beautiful daughter of John & Amanda. There are not enough words to describe how I feel about this family & how they allow me to be a part of it. Since I was going through Susanville on my trip to Reno, I offered to do the photo session at John & Amandas home (besides, I couldn't wait to see Hayley in person any longer & especially to see my buddy/assistant, Cameron). The weather was snowing on the way over so I knew it would most likely be an indoor session but that's okay, cause I don't like being cold (even though I'm always hot????). It seemed like forever since I seen Cameron during the matenity session in March & when I seen Hayley, she totally stole my heart immediately with those big beautiful eyes.
The next 3 photos are some of my favorites of the day, I never thought baby bubbles would be so adorable.
I was only at their place for an hour & the time seemed to fly. Of course I arrived at morning nap time (which unfortunately for them but good for me, she only slept for 10-15 mins), so I took some of her in her crib playing peek-a-boo with her brother.
LOVE the tongue!
She was so tired, as you can see but remained so incredibly cute, even when she got fussy. Look at that smile, I love what I do!

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