Sunday, May 22, 2011

A couple of sweeties - Abi & Emi

Check out that smile! Abi gives me the biggest smiles when I take her photos now, she has since my last visit to her home. Emi was a little tired but held on for a little bit so I could get a few photos of her but honestly, the day went to Abi. This girl loves to pose & I loved using my new lens snapping away at these little beauties. I mean really, just look how cute they are. Enjoy!
I think Abi had her nails painted just for me, after all, they're my favorite color, lol. I loved her outfit too, I love people in blue. These photos turned out great, the clarity blew me away & the 1.2 will only be better (but I'm ok with waiting). I loved using my new lens for these photos, almost all of them have very little editing done to them. That's going to save me A LOT of time sitting at my computer. I'm going to have a hard time taking this lens off my camera for a while.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wanna go for ice cream? & my new lens

This post is directed more towards my new lens but couldn't resist showing it in action with these amazing photos. It takes very little to get me excited about photography these days & I still (with all my heart) love the little things that it brings. Yesterday after taking photos of some of my favorite people, (my BFF Abi & her 9 month old sister Emi), I was asked if I wanted to go for ice cream..."Yes, I would love to", I replied almost too quickly & we headed off to DQ. Here I didn't think it could get any better, I was already getting to shoot Brandon & Katies girls again, especially with my new Canon 50mm, 1.4 lens (Aaarr, arr, arr, arr), how cool was that but Katie showed me things could still get even better. Ice cream it is & she even offered to pick up the tab, how incredibly sweet!!! We sat outside, ate our ice cream twists in a cone & chit chatted about upcoming weddings we were going to enjoy together. What a beautiful relaxing morning, I would have usually turned down such an offer but so glad I said yes. I can't wait til Emi turns 1 for more photos (not to mention at my next wedding, I get to photograph Abi as the flower girl). As for my new lens, I'm excited as heck to get to use it during Jenn & Daves wedding while Marissa can now use the 1.8 (I still can't afford the 1.2 @ approx $1,600, not to mention the 70-200, 2.8, IS lens I want next @ approx $2,500, OUCH), so I'll enjoy this one for now. As for my images, I'm not much of a Photoshop photographer to begin with, I've used it, don't get me wrong but it's mostly how it's taken straight out of the camera that makes me a happy photographer, hence needing better, faster lenses like this one. If I can't take the photo good in the first place, I shouldn't be taking photos at all (in my eyes). So I pay more attn to the backgrounds (especially during weddings), the lighting (still working on that one trying to avoid using flash in low light without the 5d, mark ii I want so badly) & the settings on my camera since I only photograph in Manual (no Program mode for me, no way no how & Marissa is already working my Canon Rebel XSi in Manual as well, love how quickly she picked that up). I took these images of Abi (the b&w above & the matching color image below) just before 9am with my new 50mm 1.4 lens @ ISO 100, f/2.2, & 1/200 sec, no reflectors, no flash,...just me, my camera & some cutie pies. I had a tree blocking the sun from hitting my lens, I had her standing with her back to the sun & I got down to her level. LOVE the smile & love the hair light. I can't decide if I like the b&w or color image more but luckily I don't have to,...that's one of the great reasons to have PS & a new better lens. If you view the photos larger, you can see the clarity in her beautiful eyes & the buttery blur in the background. Abi is so adorable & she looks even better with my new lens?!
Emi still doesn't know what to think of me. Reminds me of the look I used to get from Abi.
After some photos, really more of Abi & realizing Emi was too tired to continue, we headed to the playground to play (yes I occasionally "play" with the kids & pay for it the next day, lol). Emi is just as cute as Abi but she's still getting used to seeing me with the camera stuck to my face so right before this last photo was taken (with no camera in sight), she was flashing the cutest smiles while I was pushing her on the swing,...Yes, finally a I quickly go to my truck, get my camera, turn it on, put it to my face & she again didn't know how to take me. She didn't want to smile anymore & we had to incorporate Abi to get this smile out of her but hey, whatever works, right. Katie assured me again that Emi was super tired but she does love me too, lol. I love my time with all of Brandons girls, tired or not.
Katie, Thanks again for the ice cream & the chit chat. I always have a great time with you & the kids. See you all very soon (in 1 week, 6 days, right Jenn, lol). I will post more of the girls soon.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jessica & Danny maternity

Danny loves the baby on the way but couldn't wait to have a little more male companionship in the house so they welcomed this 6 week old bundle of teeth named Skeeter, into the family. Sooo cute, he was whining at me to pick him up by the end of our visit & I was more than happy to get a face full of puppy breath & kisses. Hey Danny, I think Skeeter already has Little Dog Syndrome, LOL!
Right after Jessica laid in the grass for the photo above, we were moving back to the bridge where we encountered a pretty cool pattern of vining plants. Everytime I see the photo below I will think (and see) snakes in grass!
By the end of the session, this was what was left of macho Skeeter, totally crashed on moms chest! Hard to resist that cuteness.
Jessica & Danny were simply stunning at their wedding & Jessica continues to be a sexy mama during her pregnancy. Danny is going to have his hands full with two gorgeous girls in the house, I can't wait for Madisons arrival. Congratulations Jessica & Danny!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed?

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