Monday, September 27, 2010

My niece, My way - Redding Photography

I can't go with you, I tried to get someone to watch the kids for me but it fell through. My sister actually seemed disappointed when she told me that yesterday, but I was thinking...You were coming with us....nuh-uh! This was MY fun-unique-teenage gift to my niece & I wanted to do it my way, just Sam & me. Not that I don't love my sister, but I had been looking forward to using my niece in images I wanted to create & for her to feel like she was getting one-on-one time with Aunt Kim. Sam always talks about being a singer so I thought I would create photos for her "debut album" cover. SO, Happy Birthday Sam! Thanks for having so much fun & letting me capture the funner side of you. The 1st color photo below is my fav of the day.
I have wanted to take images such as these for a long time & my goal is to gather more talented teenagers & capture them my way. So, if you know someone (or maybe it's you) with a talent, leave me a comment & I might be contacting you for a FREE session.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sister Vicki, oh the time has come...

...for your kids to have some family photos with their mom. If you view previous posts, you will recognize my nieces & nephew. Finally I talked my sister into being in some of the photos with them. They will cherish these photos with their mom forever.
We always have so much fun when we take photos. This time, each kid got to position each person their way for a photo they wanted to see. They had so much fun with it & they seemed to enjoy the time together even more. It's Sams bday (oldest on the left) coming up soon & she gets her own session.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kristis having a Girl! - Anderson Maternity Photographer

Kristi texted me months ago, announcing "It's a girl"! I didn't even know she was pregnant, I had only seen her across the baseball field a few times a month, I always came & left without saying Hi & my attention was always on photographing the baseball games. How rude of me, she never even knew when I was there & thought I knew she was expecting. I need to be better than that in the future. I was very excited she included me in her announcement, hearing it was a girl, the first thing I thought of was,... Finally, she's completely surrounded by men, even the 4-legged kind & she desperately needed a reason to buy something pink & frilly. Just wait until the first time she refers to her precious baby as "my daughter", it's a moment that still touches me to this day when I think about the first time I said it after having my only daughter, Marissa. It's an incredible-humbling feeling & Never goes away!!
Kristi & Ed, Thank you for having me & Congratulations to you all!!!
(In photo below), Kristis boys from left to right...Joe, Jake & Cody.
Ed, you are a truly Awesome guy, you totally helped us all to relax by constantly making us laugh. I thought Kristi was going to have the baby right in the front yard, you had her laughing so hard, can't wait for the newborn session.
Can't forget to show you the coolest 4-legged man of the bunch, Brutus. Isn't he macholy cute?, after all, I was told, boys aren't supposed to be cute.
Oh my gosh, I think she's a totally gorgeous, beaming, hot mama! Can't wait for baby Ava to arrive (on schedule hopefully), see you soon!...but not too soon.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcoming Katelynn

Isn't she beautiful?! Look at that smile, I know...I know...but to me, it's a smile. I am honestly extremely honored to do what I do & I have loved watching this wonderful family grow. Thank you to Jennifer & Chuck, you are both so awesome for calling me during these special times. Here are just a few photos from this very very, warm morning, Enjoy!
Thank you Jennifer & Chuck for each visit. I hope to see you all soon.

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