Monday, July 30, 2012

Peacock on the property - Kimberly Kester Photography

I can't believe I didn't post this back in May, that's when the white peacock hen visited the property. She walked from the 5 acres we don't frequent, towards the path that goes down to the creek....& she did just that, she walked our path down to our creek. I have only heard peacocks a few times in the few years we've been here & this was a first to see one walk like she owned the place. She was super far away, I stayed back to not freak her out & the visit was less than a few minutes from spotting her, getting my camera from the house & snapping a few photos before she was gone. Now come on, that just doesn't happen anywhere & I was super lucky she stuck around for those few minutes. I have a few more photos but she didn't do anything exciting or even walk faster than a turtle, so I picked my favorite.
Enjoy your day & enjoy the little things that you witness in your life.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunsets & Circuitries

This was the last photo from last night, before coming into the house. The Fallish color was at it's brightest & I knew it would start fading from here. I love cloudy sunsets, I think they add more of a mood to the image. The photo below is what the sky looked like from my front porch, looking to the South. That's when I decided it was time to prepare for the sunset I was about to witness, hoping the clouds would look similar in the hour I was going to have to wait for it.

I wasn't disappointed by any means but the clouds were already starting to fade away within that hour, like they said it would on the local news, awwwwww, why did they have to be right tonight, of all nights, lol. .

The photo above & below are about 20 minutes apart, then the last sunset photo I took (very top photo), was taken about 10 minutes later. Within 5 minutes of the 1st photo above, the color was gone.
You can see the Earth's heat close to the mountains & in the valley.

It was a pretty good night, the un-funny, funny part is, I had a horrible headache (I know it was the start of a migraine, so it's really not that funny). This morning as I was uploading the photos, they didn't seem as I remembered, I swear I took more photos last night than I did & I swear the view looked different, cloudier or a different color?! Huh...., Funny how your mind plays tricks as it's detached from your circuitry, darn those migraines.

I missed getting the humming bird photo I wanted last night but the humming bird only came by when I didn't have my camera in my hand, which was why he came by of course (that's why the 2nd cloudy photo was taken, I ran inside & got my camera, hoping he would come back).
He did but only for a second, he found a bee on HIS flower (a newly bloomed Gayfeather) & decided to leave for the night. I'll have to try another time, he's our local dude so I know he'll be back for more. This was the split second shot (the only shot I was even able to get) of him finding the bee on HIS flower. As you can see, I was focused on the flower to prepare for his arrival, I had NO time to focus on him. I think he looks ticked off big time & the bee is high tailing it outta there. Ha

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Morning Kiss of Sunshine.

Ever have those mornings where you're trying to find the positive of the day & it's only just begun? Today, I'm just simply trying to keep looking up & find the beauty that each morning can bring, so I grabbed my camera & tried to capture a little morning kiss of sunshine.

I haven't shown photos of our front yard in a while so I thought I would include a few from this morning. The first photo is of our driveway, Jon brings the rock (which the supply is plenty around here) & I stack it into a crappy rock wall (I'm not rock wall expert by any means but everything has to start somewhere), it's involved a lot of bending over & I've worn out several pairs of gloves handling the rocks. We haven't touched it since the weather warmed up & I'm glad for that now,.....since we decided to remove it completely from the driveway (now he tells me, hehe, actually it's more of my decision). I don't want to give the critters any more places to nest & hide close to the house, especially since I seen a rattlesnake a while back next to our gate. Yep, the wall is a gonner, for all the best reasons.
The photo above has some feathery / icey window, type of clouds I thought were unique & beautiful against the blue blue morning sky, so I wanted to share them with you.

These last 2 photos are of the front yard, looking out from our front porch. It does'nt show all of the flowers I've planted but I love how peaceful it feels. These were taken before 8am & look at how high in the sky the sun already is, that's why it's important to start a session by this time, to get the soft shading from the trees before the sun overwhelms them.
Ooops, the bird feeder is in need of filling, that job is never done.

Taking my camera out to capture these simple pleasures, sure makes the day look a little brighter (at least for me it does). Maybe I'll do some sunset photos tonight if those beautiful, unique clouds keep up the good work & cooperate. Keep your fingers crossed. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Loving the little things, like a beautiful summer day!

I LOVE summer & I'm most definitely more of a morning person, especially those super early, warm summer mornings, sitting out on the front porch drinking my cup of warm yummy, creamy coffee, watcing the bees come to life & listening the birds chirping. It's the best thing ever! Take a deep breath & soak in all the warm hues & blue skies with beaming sunshine, isn't morning beautiful?!

I also love sitting on our back deck, after sunset, watching the bats attack the evening bugs, while sipping a ice cold bottle of Corona filled with lemon swimmers inside. Gulp, gulp, gulp.....Ahhhh, I'm loving every second of it. I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!

I seriously almost knocked Jon over when I seen this out our kitchen window. I grabbed my camera out of the living room, ran out the back door to our back deck & captured a rare view of this gorgeous colorful cloud covered sunset. Usually we have clear skies during the summer but this last shot was taken in the middle of June & the color only lasted a few minutes. It's the perfect time of night to watch the bats,....Of course there was no way I was going to capture the bats on camera, I'm not that fast, lol.

Just wanted to share something I love. Have a great day!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunrise Lavender Fields - Redding, CA

 Click on a photo to view them larger.

Welcome to Sunrise Lavender Fields in Redding, CA. I had the pleasure of visiting here when the Grosso lavender was fresh in bloom (it's only in bloom for 3 weeks before it's time to harvest). This visit was in mid June, right after it's one & only bloom this year.

These fields have been planted within the last couple of years and Dan & Sue constantly add more to the property, including a newly planted Labyrinth (filled with Buena Vista lavender), that's going to be incredibly gorgeous as the years go by. I hope to be taking photos of the Labyrinth during it's next bloom in August. Buena Vista blooms twice a year & completely depends on the weather, but usually it's in early Spring (end of May) & end of Summer (beginning of August).

Every bodies dreams have to start somewhere & this is just the beginning of something amazing for Dan & Sue, I can feel it. This Fall, they're planting multiple kinds of lavender in the fields to give everybody a variety to what's out there in the lavender world.

Couldn't you see this as your wedding venue, the aroma would be worth every step you took there. I could see a private, intimate, sunset (or sunrise) ceremony right in the middle of the lavender.

I can see romantic engagement photos here as well.

Can you imagine how beautiful this place is going to be in a year or two, the plants will be huge & I'll need a ladder to get a downward shot over them in no time, lol. Thank you to Sue & Dan for allowing me to capture this time at their fields, for all this information so I sound smarter (lol) & for the lemon lavender jello. It's subtle but bold at the same time, it's hard to describe, you'll have to try it for yourself. All of these photos are the Grosso (edible) lavender.

 Next year I want to try some lavender lemonade.
Click on the link below to view (and "LIKE") their fb page.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another unique bloom in our front yard.

Our yard still draws in the butterflies & I'm hoping even more since the Gayfeathers have bloomed. First time I've ever seen this plant but I'm already in love with it, almost as much as the butterflies & bees are. I can't wait to plant more flowers for next year & see how many butterflies come by to visit. I will definitely be buying more of this flower, it comes in a bulb form & I found it stores in early Spring. Have a great day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Had to share a few more.....

I LOVE this mommy & me treasure! Isn't mommy beautiful!

This family was so much fun, the kiddos were super cute & everybody did a great job.
P.S. This private back yard was simple & gorgeous at the same time,
I love taking photos in your favorite place.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Redding Maternity Photographer

Like I often say, ideas have to start somewhere & I love how these turned out. I can't wait to see this adorable baby girl in person, especially for a photo with her own tiny piggies inside those precious pink boots.


Can't wait!! Congratulations!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stop to enjoy the beauty (& catch my breath).... I ask them to walk along a path of flowers lined with rocks, capturing the rare moment of a 2-year old not on a constant race. I guess a beautiful private yard with a river view & pretty smelly flowers, doesn't hurt either. Super Chickee calmed down & took a few minutes to smell different flowers with mommy, to see if she liked each one. This is a reason why mornings are better for kids (this session was taken in the evening), kids tend to be calmer, just waking up in the morning & not worn out from a warm summer day & running on sugar. I still love this photo, it looks calm & peaceful, not the craziness that was really happening, lol. Besides, it didn't last long & she was off again. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby cheeks & Super chickee - Redding Photographer

I love it when things don't go exactly as planned during a shoot, it usually captures what life is really like for this family. The little chickee on the left was crazy wild, daddy had to catch her in mid air to get the photo, haha! We had a lot of fun & who cares if things go as planned, I love baby cheeks & the energy of a 2 year. I couldn't help posting this beautiful moment.
P.S. Boy, I was worn out!

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