Saturday, July 31, 2010

STOP! Check out this new family...

My photography was introduced to Jennifer through our mutual friend Amber, Jennifer recommended me to Diane for her recently posted wedding & I finally got the honor to photograph Jennifer, her husband Chuck, son Kaleb, daughter Abby & the new bundle on the way. It's funny how you get connected to the friends & family of the people who helped you become who you are today, then they get added to your favorite families. Soon you're doing a friend of a friend of a friends family photos, that's pretty awesome. We had a really long session & a lot of fun. Such a wonderful family & I'm so happy to have them to grow with.
Yes, Abby is throwing a fit, isn't it cute, (for now). It's a time in their life that doesn't last very long, if you're lucky & I think it says a lot to their current age.
I love how Jenns hands look so soft, delicate & loving craddling her perfectly round bump.
Had to include my favorite hands shot.
I LOVE this last photo & it was the last of the day. The photo is a little blurry due to me laughing but it's what Chuck did that makes me love it. I hadn't specified who I was talking to when I blerted out, "ok, now put your hand on your belly" & couldn't help but laugh when I seen Chuck put his hand on his own belly. So flipping funny.
Thanks again Jenn, Chuck (and Amber too). I can't wait til the baby comes for more photos. See you soon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Merissa & Matts wedding - sneak peak

Congratulations (finally) Merissa & Matt!!!!
This was an extremely HOT, HOT!!!! day (not to mention how smokin they look) but no time to cool off, there was a wedding to celebrate & not much time before the sun went down. During the entire time we were there, it never seemed to cool down from the 107-108 degree day (not sure exactly how hot it did get). People don't plan their wedding thinking about the weather and if they did, it would never go as planned anyways, so you just make the best of it & that's just what we did. More to come...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally after almost 10 years...

...and 2 kids later, Matt & Merissa will finally take the plunge & I don't mean in the water, I mean in sweat LOL! In just a few days I will be photographing their wedding & it's going to be a HOT, HOT, HOT day, temps are expected to reach 107 degrees. Ugh!!! I think we'll all be taking a dip in the kiddy pool when it's over.
Get outta here!!!
This is their little girl Jenni & her older brother Thomas.
Thomas does a great frog impression, Rrrrribbett!!
Isn't she a doll? Such a cutie, can't wait to see her pretty flower girl dress.
I try to always take something for the kids to play with, a ball, chalk, or bubbles and even a snack. I love having them play with the bubbles first cause they loosen up & the look on Jenni's face shows she liked them just fine, bubbles were popping on her adorable little cheeks.
The photo of Thomas below is for his Uncle Patrick, he's a CHP officer. Wow, you looks pretty tough, I bet your uncle will love it (& he did of course).
Look at them together, they look a lot alike, especially their mouth & nose. Jenni's gonna be a beauty like her mommy.
I love the photo above, not sure why but it's one of my favorites & the one below, she can't be any cuter.
It's funny I'm taking their wedding photos since my 2 younger kids are named Matt & Marissa. How ironic & fun all at the same time, but for confusion sake, I'm glad my kids won't be there :) See you all very soon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chevy luvs Tori - Kimberly Kester Photgraphy

This is Tori (friend of my daughters) & Chevy. He really loves his Tori, can't you tell. I have known Tori for a few years now being my daughters friend & she enjoys horses like other people enjoy dogs & cats. She is with Chevy constantly when she comes into town & they have a special bond.
Ok, Tori really loves him back. Don't you agree?
This beautiful paint was in the coral as well & belongs to the owner of the property, these are one of my favorite breeds of horses!
I really like this b&w.
How funny I got this shot. Tori was holding onto Shamus, her moms brand new horse & Chevy started looking like Mr. Ed.
Tori & her mom both train the horses themselves & Tori has done a great job with Chevy. I know her mom is going to make a great horse out of Shamus.

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