Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dana, Jason, Christina, Hailey

This is 1 of my best friends, Dana. Besides getting a quick shot of her during a visit from our mutual friend Shari (Saray) from Idaho, this is the first time I have been able to take her picture. I had to do it during the entire family group session but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do. Her boyfriend Jason & his girls were some of my first models almost a year ago & the girls keep getting prettier each session. Hailey was so happy, she didn't stop smiling the entire shoot & Christina is a constant model, always striking a pose. It would be fun to do them individually & let each of their spirit shine for their own session...all they have to do is caa-aaaaallll.
I love these pics below & I hope he gets into trouble for the next one, he sure looks proud of himself--oh, never mind, looks as though he did so I had to include it so he keeps getting that look from Dana. Don't they make a cute happy couple? Love that look on Jason's face.
Side note: Jon said he just didn't get this last picture, he thinks it looks like a 5 year old took the picture & didnt' know how to. I like it though cause it focuses on the emotion of the moment & not the faces. What do you think?

4 family photo shoot

I just finished the biggest family session ever involving 4 brother's & their families on the 19th.
I LOVE taking family pics & I had a lot of fun doing something I have never done before, a huge family session. I also learned that I needed to have someone keep track of the time for me. I don't wear a watch or look at my cell phone during a session (I think it's rude to be a clock watcher during a session) so I have no idea how much time is going by. It was a foggy afternoon with slight drizzle, almost no sun so we went to Sundial Bridge for outside cover. The pictures were for the brother's parents so there was a total of 24 people, 4 brother's, their 4 wives, 14 kids, 1 son-in-law, 1 grand-baby and a partridge in a pear tree. Whew! I truly hope I get more time with each individual family again so I have more time to be creative. Everybody cooperated so well & koodos go to Catherine for getting everybody there in coordinated clothing. The bonus was finally getting pics of 1 of my best friends. I will post most of the family pics now then do a separate post of my friend, her boyfriend & his 2 beautiful girls. The 1st picture above is the entire family groups. The 2nd picture is the re-creation photo plus 4 additional kids. The boy laying on the right was throwing a fit during the original photo so we had him repeat it for this photo & he did a great job...They ALL did a great job! They all smiled & laughed during the session which made things go smoothly & time seemed to fly which in fact was just over an hour for the entire session.
A huge thank you to the entire family for their time & hope to see you all again soon.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Move Over Ponch!!

This is a good friend of mine & Jon's that just graduated from the CHP academy & it's about time :). His training isn't over with but I can already see how much of a man he has turned into. These pics were taken on 12-5-09 when he was moving to his new location in Southern Calif & we were saying good-bye & good luck to him. He was so awesome & put his uniform on for me. He is like our son & so proud to watch him grow. Those who know him will understand the purpose for the last photo & how much his heart has to heal but as he continues to smile, so will Sarah. We love you P.C & so proud of you.
He is trying to smile here but you can see how tired he was. What a trooper :)
I had to include his best boy Blaine. Isn't he so cute. These last two are my fav's. As soon as I knew he would wear his uniform, I knew I had to take the next pic & it turned out better than I could have hoped for...just look at those gorgeous blue eyes.
Thank you P.C. for letting me post these pictures. I love them, even though people think they're not photogenic, you did a great job. I know you were tired & had a long drive ahead of you but I appreciate it more than words can say. Keep safe & keep in touch.

Matt, Sarah, Allysum & Olivia, Redding, CA

Spreading a little Christmas cheer. Taken 12-10-09.
Around the Holidays everybody starts thinking about what's REALLY important & I'm no exception. I am so blessed that I know great people who are there for me during my photography growth. This family is one of those blessings. I have had the pleasure in capturing them in photographs 4 times in the past year, Wow! They have given one thing that can't be bought & passes quickly, TIME. Matt & Sarah, I couldn't become a better photographer without you. I want to thank you for letting me come over & please keep calling for more. Your family is so beautiful inside & out. Merry Christmas & God bless.
Children are so innocent at these ages & it shows with Allysum sporting those adorable pig tails giving daddy Angel kisses. The photo below tells me I needed to increase my shutter speed but I love it just the same. Olivia has the biggest brown eyes but looks the same as her 3 month session. Both are so pretty.
Simply beautiful eyes, just wait til she asks for the car keys with those big brown eyes. Allysum started doing this eye expression. Matt barely encouraged her to do it & soon we were all laughing. It's the OHHHHH MY-GOSH look, we were cracking up so hard it was hard to keep the camera still.
Isn't Allysum a little angel.
Such beautiful girls with the biggest eyes & perfect lips that just keep on going.
Sugar was such a good girl. I absolutely LOVE dogs & haven't met a dog that didn't just go crazy after showing it a little lovin'. And NO...they really CAN'T get enough, so I'm happy to give it. When I dropped off their photo disc a couple days later, Sugar got so excited to see me, Sarah said I was like her BFF...Ditto for me Sugar. I'm working on a post with all the 4-legged kids I've captured so far, I'm hoping I'll be done soon. Thank again Bram family.

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