Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"3 Musketeer's" toddler style (Cameron, Salah & Micah)

Taken July 2009. I am extremely excited to post these pictures. When I posted Salah & Micah previously from this session, I didn't have authorization from Camerons' mom to add the pictures that had Cameron the Cutie in them, so now I can show these off, YEAH!!...This is (left to right) Salah, Micah & Cameron. What a great extended family. They have such good cousin time together & I'm sure they will stay this close as they grow & as their families grow. Such good pre-models so be sure to check out their previous posts to see how they have grown. I have been honorably dubbed the name, "Aunt Kim" by Amber (mommy to Salah & Micah) & that warms my heart & I couldn't be prouder to feel like part of this family. We were "killing bubbles" this day, huh Cameron? I kinda got carried away with my excitement & added a lot of pics, hope you enjoy.
I don't think I have seen a happier little boy. He cracks me up.
Look at those faces, more than just a mother is going to think these kids are the cutest of them all. They had so much fun with simple bubbles, can't wait to take them to the slide, swings & hopefully lots of Fall leaves for the next session. Aren't kids are the best.
Cameron was very intent on explaining something & I have to say...he meant every...Uhhh...word? When toddlers start talking in sentences, they don't stop & even if you understand it all or not, you better just say, Uh-Huh & smile or you will hear about it (even if you can't understand that part too).
There's that cute little tongue of Salah's.
I love their little toes.
Thanks for the fun guys, I hope Cameron comes to visit often & I can keep everybody updated on their cuteness.

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