Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cameron the Cutie

Taken July 2009. This is Cameron the Cutie. I am so happy to be posting this little boy. Most people might think a day with a 7 month old & 2 toddlers would be crazy. NOPE! Not with this family. Cameron is the cousin to two of my favorite models Salah & Micah. We had such a fun day taking pictures of these adorable kids. Pull out some old fashioned bubbles & watch some happy faces come to life. Thank you to Amber for introducing this family to me & thank you to Amanda for letting me post her extremely cute little boy. I can't wait for the maternity session with Amanda's new little baby bump. Congratulations to the family & keep watching for more posts of this adorable extended family. I have to shout out to my two chitlins for helping me this day. Matt (my 11 yr old) had a blast blowing bubbles & having a good time with the kids & Marissa (my 15 yr old) is always helpful & there when I need her the most. Great memories for my family too. Thank you all.
Look at this face!
...just look at this face... He was such a ham & so fun to capture his cute little expressions.
Look at these funny faces, all over bubbles.
Below is my fav picture of the day. I love how his face is so calm, it could burst out into any expression at any moment & often does with a smile (LOL).
Sooooooo cute.

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