Thursday, October 21, 2010

TC & his girls - Redding Family Photographer

This is my nephew TC, his wife Shannon & their girls Alillah & Alannah. It's been so long since I've seen them. Alannah has grown so much & is almost 1, wow, time has flown by. Her big sister Alillah is 1 of my favorite smilers of all time. Her smile is so contagious & she loves hamming it up for the camera, although Alannah has her own way of hamming it up, as you will see. I got some precious time with the girls while we waited for TC to come home & these next photos wound up being two of my favorites of the evening.
The girls got to put on their Halloween costumes for some photos, how fantastic is that!
Alillah was buzzing around in the back yard like a busy little worker bee...
...While Alannah took on the queen bee role.
These next photos are so funny, Alannah has started making faces & they totally cracked me up so I had to capture them, these are only a few.
She's so funny, she cracks herself up. What a doll! I LOVE my great nieces & can't wait for the next session with them. Thank you TC & Shannon, Have a great Halloween!
PERSONAL NOTE: Sorry for the long pause since I blogged last...due to having dial up (as you know if you're a follower of my blog) makes it time consuming to load the photos & I'm also currently taking pictures that can't be displayed on my blog. I go to 2 schools during the year & take photos for 2 teachers for display during Open House (used to be same school last year but 1 teacher changed schools). You can understand why I don't display those photos but I have been busy. We are going on a classroom field trip to the pumpkin patch on my birthday which is this Friday...I think it's a fantastic way to spend my morning, doing what I love, photographing more kids.

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