Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jessica & Danny maternity

Danny loves the baby on the way but couldn't wait to have a little more male companionship in the house so they welcomed this 6 week old bundle of teeth named Skeeter, into the family. Sooo cute, he was whining at me to pick him up by the end of our visit & I was more than happy to get a face full of puppy breath & kisses. Hey Danny, I think Skeeter already has Little Dog Syndrome, LOL!
Right after Jessica laid in the grass for the photo above, we were moving back to the bridge where we encountered a pretty cool pattern of vining plants. Everytime I see the photo below I will think (and see) snakes in grass!
By the end of the session, this was what was left of macho Skeeter, totally crashed on moms chest! Hard to resist that cuteness.
Jessica & Danny were simply stunning at their wedding & Jessica continues to be a sexy mama during her pregnancy. Danny is going to have his hands full with two gorgeous girls in the house, I can't wait for Madisons arrival. Congratulations Jessica & Danny!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed?

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