Sunday, May 22, 2011

A couple of sweeties - Abi & Emi

Check out that smile! Abi gives me the biggest smiles when I take her photos now, she has since my last visit to her home. Emi was a little tired but held on for a little bit so I could get a few photos of her but honestly, the day went to Abi. This girl loves to pose & I loved using my new lens snapping away at these little beauties. I mean really, just look how cute they are. Enjoy!
I think Abi had her nails painted just for me, after all, they're my favorite color, lol. I loved her outfit too, I love people in blue. These photos turned out great, the clarity blew me away & the 1.2 will only be better (but I'm ok with waiting). I loved using my new lens for these photos, almost all of them have very little editing done to them. That's going to save me A LOT of time sitting at my computer. I'm going to have a hard time taking this lens off my camera for a while.

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