Monday, February 13, 2012

I heart these eyes!

These eyes are the reason I volunteer at a local Elementary school. I try not to have favorites when it comes to the kids but there comes a time when someone just touches your heart the first time you see them & that happened when I met this little turkey. Even though her beautiful eyes aren't the same color & age as mine, I seen a little of myself in her, so I kinda took it personally when I seen them crying with frustration on that first day. Nobody was going to cry on my watch except for maybe myself. I did just that later that night & decided to go in & try to make a difference like I would have wished someone else had done for me (and to make up for not being able to do it when my kids were that age) & I've been suckered in ever since, making it to the class at least 2 days a week helping them with art, reading & writing. I had a different reason for going to the school those first few days (to take simply take photos) but things are meant for a reason & it became bigger for me than just that moment.
I love taking these photos of the kids for their parents & I think her eyes sparkle beautifully now, her mom is going to love this Valentines Day photo. Yep, I heart these beautiful little eyes!

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