Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter daffodils?

Here are the first blooms of winter? It's the first time I've seen my bulbs bloom since I planted them, so I'm happy for that reason but wish the ground had a little more moisture so it didn't dry out so quickly. I miss taking these kinds of photos, can't wait til my tulips bloom, they're pink!
Sugar likes the new bird feeding station we created in the back yard, she's all camouflaged in front of the rock in the photo below,...looking up at the feeder. Usually when I pull out my camera, she runs & won't look at me especially if I follow her around, trying to get a nice photo. I was a little bit lucky yesterday & caught her being herself for a few minutes. As you can see with photos below, I was rewarded with a few shots as she got all cute for the camera. Not the best time of day with all the shadows but I'll take what I can get.
Do you see what we're up against in doing yard work, lots of scrubbies to cut but well worth the scratches & fighting for the heating pad, to see our amazing sunset views.
(Like this sunset taken earlier this month, when we were cutting & burning some of that awful scrubby.) This sunset is nothing compared to some of them I've actually seen without having my camera. This is an amazing piece of property, it may not be ideal for some people but we feel very lucky & see the bigger picture 10-20 years from now (Yep, it's a true labor of love).
Jon can't get over how sweet & spoiled Sugar is. For a man that's never been a cat person, she's sure changed his mind. Funny how that happens when you least expect it. As soon as I can get Shadow to hold still again, I'll get some of her hanging out in her favorite spot in the yard....on a stump in the front yard, next to another bird feeder, lol, it's so cute. Silly girls!!I don't think Sugar could catch a cold but can't blame them for trying.

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