Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sunrise over a fire area

These photos were taken August 14th when the sun was rising over a fire area, beyond (far beyond) our front yard. We typically don't even have clouds this time of year but I've been blessed with monsoonal moisture that's been hovering over Mt. Lassen lately, creating some gorgeous sunrises from time to time.

 In this last photo below, you can see the sun barely peeking out around the clouds, it wound up being an overcast day all day, it could have been smoke from the fires that created the overcast feel but I don't think so & none the less, I thought the sunrise was beautiful & I felt lucky to got to witness it. 
When I first looked out the window this morning (& of course I couldn't capture it in time), the sun looked like hell rising to heaven. The sky was red-red on the bottom of the scene & there were blue-blue sky above it, by the time I grabbed my camera & made it outside, this was the best I could get & these photos do it no justice. I guess you had to be there or I need to be quicker with my camera, lol.

School starts in a matter of days, Matthew starts his last year of Jr. High & my daughter Marissa, turns 18 on the same day, my babies are growing up, this will be an emotional week for me, lol.

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