Sunday, September 23, 2012

Property - Gayfeather life cycle

 GAYFEATHER: BEFORE (taken in July)

GAYFEATHER: DURING THE FINCH ATTACK (taken in August) (note the finch on the left Gayfeather going to town, he's blurry cause he was moving so much, while the finch on the right is coming in for a landing to feed).


These stalks will die back, I'll cut them off & then some of them are moving into our newer front yard planter. I didn't know that finches would go after the Gayfeather when it went to seed (or that it would even go to seed, haha), now that we know it, we are going to buy more Gayfeathers in the Spring for the backyard. Our front porch was covered with seed after the attack. It'll be interesting to see if we get any come up next summer, we planted a bulb, not seed, so not sure how that works. Can't wait to get these planted & see them bloom next summer in their new home.

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