Saturday, September 22, 2012

The "B" Family - Redding CA Photographer

I had a nice day out with the B family several weeks ago, I sure love this family!!
PERSONAL NOTE:  I was telling Jon the other day, that since watching an online workshop on CreativeLive, I see my photos in a completely different way, seeing things I didn't see before. It made me want to critique my own work & see the flaws along with what I love. (I don't have thick skin so I'm taking baby steps here.) There's a million things I want to change about the lighting in the photos but I still love them cause I love the family. Lighting is the biggest frustration for me & being limited with my gear & not having an assistant 98% of the time, I knew these would be hard photos to light but I still liked the basic sorta posey moment so it was a keeper to me. Every idea has to start somewhere. Now I just need to tweek it a little here & there, keep shooting the pose adding light, to eventually make it my best ;) I want to do it straight from the camera, not fix it in photoshop but that's just who I am, don't judge.

And since I LOVE happiness, I had to post the moment too, I just love her face! Don't you love that special someone that makes you laugh so much your face hurts....I DO!  & I know what that happiness feels like.

Even with the photo above, I see it differently since taking it, like now, not having him look into her eyes this close but I do still love it, it makes me smile...a lot; that's the most important part. I'll do better next time. The look on his face (not shown, duh), made her react this way & made the image completely worth keeping. BEST feeling EVER!!!

"Push, Fail, Learn, Evolve" - Roberto Valenzuela Photography
(the workshop instructor I watched on CreativeLive)

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