Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'll take it...& like it - Redding Photography

It was just a simple email I received this morning in response to the Stacia & Mitch post, stating -"you captured something very special in these photos. Gosh, do you have a gift!"
...So simple but it made me cry.
Thank you B
I love it when people let me know they like what they see by sending me an email or commenting on my posts. The fact they took the time to write a little note with praise makes me feel like someone cares. I even got a simple, "your awesome" msg recently & tears started flowing. It really doesn't take much. Like my emails, Jon is constantly telling me that I have a special something that other people really like. He also reminds me that some people just don't "see" what I do & that's ok if they don't get it. Not that anybody says anything bad about my photography, it's really all in my head that people won't like what I do. But with each phone msg, text msg & email from my couples, families & fans, it sure does feel good they get it...& express it. I was totally jazzed when I got my first "follower" & it wasn't even someone I knew, how cool is that. Poor Jon, he doesn't have a chance. He calls me a softy...he's right. I still feel myself turn 3 shades of red when I cry in front of someone (which is highly avoided), even Jon. Another reminder I need to stop worrying about tomorrow & continue to concentrate on all the photographs I need to edit today. I am truly blessed.
So to all my family, friends & fans...I'll take it & like it. I hear you & I THANK YOU! Thank you for standing by me, believing in me & especially for the words of encouragament during my photography journey.
...And since I can't post without a photo...
Here's 1 of my great niece Andrea. How cute is she?
This is how I feel right now... pretty happy & confident in the path my life is taking.

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