Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Ava - 20 days old

Look at this sweet little angel sleeping on her daddy's blanket from when he was a baby. What a cool idea Kristi, I love how it added family history to the photo. Next visit will be with moms baby blanket, it's Pink!
I LOVE baby details! From their tiny kisses... their tiny eyes lashes, lips & nose...
...all the way to their tiny toes. So precious.
Doesn't it look like her little fists are resting in a heart shape.
Striking a pose already, such a little diva :)
Ava has gotten so big since the hospital photos & I'm super excited I get to capture her again with her big brothers before this month is over.
I love this last photo of Ava laying on Kristis chest. I think it's because it brings back wonderful memories of my own children at this age, how little they are for such a short time & how they get hungry instantly & start to bob for food when bare skin touches their face. It was so flipping cute to see that again. I kinda miss it but don't at the same time. I love developing my adult and pre-adult relationships with my own kids. I can't wait to see where their lives & careers take them but miss the baby in them at the same time, being able to protect them from the world & all it's troubles. The most important thing is...whatever they grow up to be, I just want them to be happy.
Sorry... I had a Sentimental Mommy Moment, it's been happening often since the beginning of my photography journey, I'm getting time to relive my own wonderful memories through what I do for others. Makes me appreciate each precious moment I get with every person who touches my life, especially how my children have been the light source to mine. I LOVE my kids!
Thanks again Kristi & Ed :) Couldn't do what I love without you.

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