Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jessica & Danny - Redding Wedding Photographer

Wow, so much to say about this beautiful wedding not to mention the entire wedding party was incredibly gorgeous. Definitely a chilly December wedding with the rain & strong winds but that didn't stop us from getting a few pictures outside when we got a few short breaks from the rain.
Did I mention how gorgeous the wedding party was, absolutely stunning, each one of them & a shout out to Andrea (2nd from the left) for doing an incredible job on Jessicas hair & makeup.
It was so cute, Jessica kept taking deep breathes before walking down "the isle". I started thinking she might pass out & her dad must have seen it too. But not to worry, he had her relaxed & smiling in no time.
What a happy-happy man seeing his gorgeous bride. They both told me they were already married in their hearts, Ahhhh!
Did I mention how gorgeous the girls were, did I mention how flipping cold & windy it was outside? But hot is hot & the goose bumps on these girls were smokin'. Then we all ran inside to get warm before I yanked them back out for a few more pics before it got dark.
Some of the most touching toasts I have ever heard, they totally made me cry.
I love the b&w below, sometimes it's not the closer part of the photo that makes the shot. See Jessica's mom in the background dancing with Danny,...crying. Doesn't it just touch your heart? Does mine.
If it looks like everybody had a fabulous time, they totally did & so did I.
What amazes me is how I get my weddings. This 1 came from my son going to the same school where Jessica's mom works (can you believe it) & to think...how is it that me being a photographer came up in a 6th graders conversation? The belief that Matt continues to have in me, humbles me deeply. But I have to admit, I think I keep getting better with each session.
Anyways...after a brief phone conversation just over 2 weeks ago, I met Jessica & her mom & the arrangements were made. I walked away thinking Kassy (Jessicas mom) looked familiar but shrugged it off. During the prep, Andrea thought she recognized me & Jessica agreed but we couldn't think of how. Just before the ceremy, Jessicas grandma showed up in the dressing area, we remembered each other almost immediately but it took me a few minutes to remember how. Turns out I worked at a small local grocery store for 9 years (about 10 years ago) where they shopped. How small the world is with the people I have met, how wonderful it was to see her grandma again & to know I was capturing her granddaughters important day. God is good.
BTW, The moms did a fabulous job getting this wedding together in such a short time, less than 1 month A-M-A-Z-I-N-G & ran smoother than I've seen.
Congratulations again Jessica & Danny & cheers to the many, many years to come.

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