Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Ava - Redding Photography

"Take a picture of my shirt" was the first thing Cody said to me when I pulled out my camera in the waiting room. I thought his shirt said it all & totally fit the moment. Then like his big bro, Jake had me get a picture of his shirt too. No problem, that means they're already warming up to the camera.
What a special moment of a boy with his papa.
Ava was born November 16th to Kristi & Ed...& was surrounded by so much love. A lot has changed in hospitals in last 12 years. The baby gets her measurements, bath & other things right in the room now. I didn't know what to expect (all hospitals are different) but the nurse just went about her business & I simply captured what happened as it happened, things seemed to go by so smoothly. It's so cool when everybody just relaxes & lets the moments tell the story...
Bath time! she was about as happy as the kitten was that my daughter brought home.
Congratulations Kristi, Ed, the boys & grandparents!! I am so thankful you allowed me to do this for you. I loved getting all these first moments, some that I've never even see before (and I'm a mom of 3). I will never forget this experience, I'm surprised I didn't cry through the session, so was Jon. Can't wait for her newborn session. Welcome to Redding little Ava.

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Kristi & Ed said...

This was of course such a great day on its own. Having Kim there to capture the moments shortly thereafter are truly unforgettable! She has become such a part of our lives and for that we are forever grateful. Every time I see the pictures that she takes of our family, I am amazed at what she captured. Great job Kim and thank you so very much for everything!

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