Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jewel "Forever And A Day (Always)" - Redding Family Photographer

Turn up the volume! I had such a blast creating this, this morning, I really did. I'm sick, (I know I had a fever), just woke up after sleeping for 12 hours...(Seriously), I put this together in less than 2 hours & when I cried at the end, I knew it was done. I have missed Abi & Katie & enjoyed meeting Emi for the first time, What a doll! Abi was a little sick that morning but she smiled when she seen me (such a complete opposite from the last visit in the park). We played dress up (well...she did), barbies, shopping, colored, made a bday cake in her kitchen, blew out the candles & Ate it! Mmmm, best cake ever. If different circumstances, we would have gone outside, blew bubbles & drew with sidewalk chalk...but we'll save that for another visit. Katie & Brandon, Thank you for this visit, I love seeing the girls grow & very happy to capture them for you. I love the fact you cried when you viewed the slide show Katie, what a huge compliment for me, honestly. I am blessed to have your family in my life...

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Jennifer said...

My beautiful nieces were captured so well! Kim your slide show made me cry and i am soo excited for our wedding and engagement pictures!!!

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