Saturday, February 5, 2011

Matt turned 12

My kids hate having their picture taken (I think for the most part Matt due to needing braces). He would bolt out of the room shouting, "Nooooooooo!!!", or put something in front of his face when seeing me pull out my slr camera. He had a surprise in store for me this year & I was happy to see he didn't cover his face when I pulled ol' betsy out & pointed it towards him, so I got the photo with his cake below....Hmmmmm. The next morning on the way to his dads, I told Matt I wanted to take some nice pictures of him since he turned 12 & this was his last year as a preteen. He calmly replies with, "Ok.". I think my jaw hit the steering wheel, I had to tell myself to close my mouth before he realized what he said & quickly changed his mind. I was smiling ear to ear on the inside, How cool was that, finally a photo without the blur of him running into another room or hiding behind something. Hmmmm? Maybe he's growing up.
The b&w photo above is one my favorites from that day (literally a 10 min session), didn't get very many but enough to satisfy me til the next time he lets me take a few more. I'm happy for whatever I can get. I sure need my own family photos taken without the camera being on a tripod & self timer (ha ha, but sadly true). However, I also kinda hate being on the other side of the camera, guess I still need to do a little growing up, lol.
Love the photo of "Grandpas eyes", he's really proud of them but I don't want only them in all the photos. This is the typical photo I get of him, trying to block his face with something, even if it's with a chicken.
...But I found, If you give them something to hold onto such as a tree, too heavy to block their face, you can get a quick shot, Ha Ha. Yep, it's good to be Mom.
Matt [meaning=Gift from God], is my youngest child but so glad he was my last. God packed his love in constant hugs & a caring compassion beyond his years. He has a white board in his room & writes on it each week with sweet messages of how much he loves me, he makes his bed (almost) every morning just for me. Babies have an attraction to him that just baffles him (& every baby does totally stop & just stare at him until we're out of sight, so funny & cute). He honestly hugs me no less than 20 times each day (I know he's Not going to be this way for long & I dread the day he thinks he's too old to hug me). He loves his chickens, names each one he helps raise, & has since he knew what incubating was. In grade school, he joined track, I was so proud he was doing sports & took off work to attend his meets. The very first meet I asked him why he stopped running, didn't he know the meaning of track was to Win a race. He tells me "No mom, I do it so the last kid won't be alone". He was pretty much last in every race after that but I didn't mind at all. He might jog the first lap (if there was more than 1) then just stop & walk with the last kid. He never had any intention of winning a race, what a wonderful roll model & nobody even had a clue. One of the most recent experiences of his caring, is my photography...he inspires me, believes in me, gives me strength to do things outside my own comfort zone & encourages me in such a grown up way. The fact he's following in my footsteps in photography (Marissa as well), I couldn't be a prouder mom. I really could keep going on & on about my wonderful Matt but I will save more stories on his next birthday an official teenager. Ugh, the thought doesn't thrill me but I'm trying not to be worried, not the way he's going. I am so thankful to have him & love him more each day, he really is my gift from God. God has big plans for him too, huge! I hope Matt keeps smiling through all of lifes challenges & continues being his happy, caring self & never changes.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Buddy, I love you Forever More & Always, Mom....And, no, I love You more & first & more...

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