Friday, June 24, 2011

Jessicas baby shower

I'm sure you remember Jessica from the December wedding & the May materity session. Although she doesn't look very pregnant in the chair, she is I promise, almost ready to pop. Check out her new rocking chair, totally matches her baby decor & she loved it!
She makes these ballerina tutus with headbands & the photo below is an example of the one she's making me as a prop, replace the polka dot tie with zebra print & I'm good to go. It's hard to make it out (if you click on the photo, it will show larger) but it's pink, black & white, comes with a headband & big pink flowers. I'm going to see if I can get her to make me a set of wings as well, why not, I think little girls would love to be a fairy or butterfly. She sells these so if you're interested, leave a comment & I'll forward the info to her. I bet she'll customize one for you as well.
She wasn't the only one pregnant at the shower but is definitely the furthest along in this photo.
And the winner is....the teeniest baby, how cute was that little creation.
Grandmas can't wait to meet Madison. I can't wait til I get the phone call she's having the baby, I'm so flipping excited & excited for the entire family. Jessica is one of those people I feel blessed with each photo session I get with her. What a wonderful woman who soon will be a wonderful mother to a beautiful baby girl. Win River did a great job with the banquet room decor, thanks a bunch ladies.

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