Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding of Stacia & Mitch @ TBS Ranch

Mitch & Stacia tied the knot Saturday, here are just a few of their photos, what an absolutely beautiful wedding at the TBS Ranch, what an incredibly gorgeous couple.
Soon after their entrance, Stacia changed into her 2nd incredibly beautiful dress to finish out the reception in style (again).
The photo below cracks me up, can't help but laugh everytime I see it.
Did I mention it was 105 degrees, talk about melting but Stacia kept her spirits up all day. The only time I cried was during a little speech Stacia gave after the toasts, thanking her mom for all her hard work & how it wouldn't have been possible without her. It really was a wonderful day & I'm so happy for Stacia & Mitch.


Amanda Pair said...

I love the one of them by the fence and the one right below it! And how the heck did you manage to get the whole group in that one shot? That's awesome. Keep up the good work!

Amanda Pruett said...

Love these photo's Kim! Looks like it was a beautiful Wedding for a beautiful couple! You are so creative with your photo's, I love learning from you! The very top photo of the couple in front of the fence is my favorite, So intimate but flirty. ;)

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