Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Session contest ends tonight & my niece Kayla

Within the next 24 hours, my FREE session contest will come to an end. I can't wait to announce the winner, this has been the longest contest Ever, lol. It's not to late if you're just tuning in,...If you want photos for holiday cards, senior portraits, maternity, child turning 1 year older & etc...then this is an awesome opportunity for you. And Yes please, if you're a friend or family member, don't think you're exempt (as a few have voiced concerns of), I would love to see you again, please enter away, you're not being selfish I promise :)
All you have to do is enter below with your name (they don't get displayed) & state that you're entering the contest. I will announce the name within a week so stay tuned (you have a deadline to contact me after winner is announced).
I can't post without a photo & realized I don't think I ever displayed these photos of my niece, Kayla & her man, Johnny Mack ;) I often don't post all of my sessions, I need to change that.
We only had a few minutes in my sisters backyard & that was all we needed. The light coming over the fence was really soft & going down fast. These were taken back in July, yeah like I said, I think I forgot to post them here, she already seen them on my fb page.
Kayla said she hung her photos up in their apartment & that totally brightened my day. I love it when I go to a families homes & my photos are all over the walls (or displayed in a different way like collage & such) but it's so nice. It almost made me cry when I walked into a customers home about a year ago & seen my photos everywhere on the walls, I had a hard time choking back the tears, what a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much to those who do that, I love you more than words can say.
I can't wait for this fall, I've been talking to some friends & family members about doing some unique family holiday photos, engagement photos, 1 year old photos, & so many more. I love being creative & tonight is one of those sessions. I can just be myself & Katie trusts me, she thinks I'm a little weird when I'm doing it but loves it when she see's the final product. I love these sessions, I can't wait to show everybody what Katie & I turn out (cause hey, we're mom's, we can move mountains, little lone tackle a little photo session together).
BTW, I'll be doing a special Fall price package with limited appointments available, so stay tuned to that future post.
Isn't my niece so pretty, (maybe I'm a little prejudiced) I don't get to see her (or those cute little freckles) enough. She's grown up into such a wonderful, intelligent, strong woman. I can't wait to see what the next few years has in store for her. I love you girl & uh hey yuh uh, Hi Johnny Mack, keep cool! How cute are these two together.

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Vivian said...

always love your pictures! And Kayla is beautiful.

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