Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day with flowers from my yard

These first 7 photos are plants that I have not planted, they may or may not be indigenous but they are here for whatever reason & I love it.

Not sure if these are both wildflowers, the one below yes but the one above is unusual, it's like an upside down bell on a bush type of plant, very dainty & hard to photograph.

 The photo above is the blooms on Indian Tobacco, I will take & post a wider shot soon & add to this post so check back if you're interested to see the rest of the plant. It's not the pretties thing where the leaves are but the smell is incredibly sweet. The photo below is what appears to be wild butterfly bush. The photo does'nt do it any justice, the blue color is indescribable but it's just overtaking in the backyard & draws beautiful butterflies (or flutterbys)

These next photos are some I've planted or didn't know got planted. The lavendar is a given, love the spider web on it. The red flower is an accident, I know I had one but didn't realize it survived at the base of our deck, super nice surprise seeing that last night. The last photo is of some sunflower seeds I planted, they popped out of nowhere, can't wait for them to get bigger, the birds are going to love them.


I planted a bleeding heart bulb (sorta), so hopefully that will sprout but not getting my hopes up since I planted it pretty late for a spring bloom. I also made another flower bed close to our driveway entrance, can't wait to get that finished & take photos. What can I say....I love these little things we are rewarded with seeing each day. It's makes Mother's Day just that much more special. Happy Mother's Day to all those older mommies with older kids & newer mommies that are hearing it for the first time (and 2nd mommies like aunties). I wish everybody a Great Day!!!

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