Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day trip to Shasta Caverns


If you've been to Shasta Caverns (this happened to be my first time going, sad I know), you know how dark it is inside & how flash is usually the way to go if you want any type of photos, as a matter of fact, there were some people behind us whispering that they didn't think any of my pictures would come out since I wasn't using flash....well, I'm stubborn & I don't like flash in a case like this, since there were supposed to be shadows in this amazing natural artwork.

Knowing what I was up against, needing all the light a lens could muster, I chose my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens from my arsenal for the mission. I had to dial the f-stop wide open to 1.4, had the shutter speed at 1/80 of a second (lowest I can go with my shaky hand) & bumped my ISO up to 1200. I should have gone higher with the ISO but I knew I would be lucky to focus on anything in the first place, little lone get any depth without blur. Plus there were lights set up at the most extravagant areas for people to see so I didn't need extra light in the best areas.

I did some editing in PS to help with the red color that a high ISO creates. There is definitely blur in some areas on the images but I think they turned out pretty good due to the circumstances & I was pretty happy to see my stubbornness seemed to pay off.

This visit included a free Mother's Day photo they took about 1/2 way through the tour which was nice to get & a carnation before we got off the boat after the tour. All in all, it was pretty fun.

These images are not shown from beginning to end, I uploaded them randomly & as I edited.

Photo above looks like a carnivores mouth & the one below looks like the carnivore has a nasty cold, ewwwwww!!!!

I think this slab looking pattern was called bacon, we didn't hear everything that was being said & I swear they said bacon, correct me if I'm wrong.

Check out that old ladder in the photo above.

I had a great time & I enjoyed the time with my kids & Jon but we honestly wished we hadn't felt rushed, we didn't hear much at times when the guide was talking cause we couldn't get into the area they were talking in (we were at the end), so after the photo they took of us, they kinda rushed us along for the next person (which only 1 family was behind us), not giving any time for me to take photos of that environment. We had a good time but I missed out on some photo opportunities in that "room" because of that, so I'm a little disappointed for that reason. They were running behind schedule & I think they were trying to make up for lost time.... Jon & I are going back one of these winters when it's colder, wetter & hopefully less people so maybe we won't feel like cattle.

The lake photo is from the window of the bus that took us up the hill, the mountain photo is what we seen when we came out of the cave & I had to include this one of Matt from the boat ride to the caverns.

 I just love his eyes, they do all the smiling even when he tries hard not to. I love that Jon suggested we go on this outing, I thought it was a wonderful Mother's Day with a quick bbq after we got home & fresh strawberry short cake for dessert. I love my kids, more than they can ever imagine.

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