Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vicki & Jeff - Redding Photography

I took some photos of my sister Vicki & her man Jeff at Matson Vineyards (a local winery) the other day. There's not too many leaves on the grape vines this time of year & I wish I was able to stay later for better lighting but these turned out nice. There is a beautiful white rose bush climbing up a tree (it's huge, in the back section of the property), that would be a really good place to take a photo, roses draped in the background but the sun was hitting it in an unflattering direct way so I didn't get the best shot, I will eventually share it.

I hope to be posting more photos soon (or check out my fb page), I just wanted to get a few favorites up for now. If you know my sister, getting her in front of a camera is very difficult, I'm glad she went along with it (wink, wink) & they didn't think I was too weird when I jumped in his truck to get the reflection shot through the rear view mirror. It's my favorite!!

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