Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back yard sunsets

 If I haven't mentioned it recently (and I'm sure I have, hehe), I love our back yard view of the Anderson / Redding (CA) valley. This first image was taken in 2009 (a few months after getting my camera) during a pretty bad storm that literally blew across the valley floor & I was lucky enough to catch that amazing cloud formation. The 2nd image is from 2010, I thought the clouds & the colors were just too much to pass up.

Usually I'm driving home when I see the best sunsets & there's nothing I can do to get home fast enough to capture the photo, most of the time I'm too late but these images show that I do get lucky every once in a while.

The smokey image above is from 2011 when Jon had a little brush fire going & the smoke softly blanketed our trees & the last image was earlier this year (2012). I think I used a different lens each time I took the photos & they went from ISO 800 (in first image) to ISO 100 (in last image). A lot has changed over the years but not my drive to do my best in photography. Nature is really my first true photography love, I didn't ever think I would take photos of people but as you can see in my previous posts, that didn't last long.

Yep, I love our view!!!!!!

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