Thursday, June 28, 2012

A bee's work is never done

Walking across the football field during summer school my junior year, I stepped on a big, fat, juicy bumble bee. The kind that hits your windshield & you swear it cracked it, when in reality it just made a gross mess & you wish you could replace it. I was wearing flip-flops, in the warm summer afternoon, crossing a buzzing honeysuckle field, what did I expect. The bee was defending itself more than hurt & even though it hurt me when it stuck to the arch of my foot, I thought it was pretty cool. So I bent down & watched it in amazement, how it's stinger kept pumping, even though the bee was becoming detached from it. I'm sure it died soon after, I thought that was kinda sad & I felt a little responsible for it's little life ending.

This morning, I headed out to water our plants & seen a bee (like the bee in the photo above on my Arizona Sun Blanket Flowers), floating in Lady's kiddy pool. For some strange reason, memories of that high school bee sting came back, bringing with it, that responsible, sad feeling again (after-all, I'm the one who filled the pool the night before). I picked a dandelion close by & touched the lifeless bee & to my amazement, it was still alive, although barely moving. (Maybe there was still time to save it,) I scooped it out of the water & placed it on our warm, dry front deck. Within a few seconds, it started stumbling around, barely crawling with life, so I started watering the potted plants on the deck (staying close to keep an eye on it) & within minutes, it had warmed up, dried off & starting moving around like nothing happened. Not even 5 minutes into watering & it decided to fly off & started working on my purple salvias next to the porch, like nothing had happened, Wow! What a little trooper, not even complaining about his ordeal. A bee's work is never done, they feel they have a job to do & they do whatever it takes to get it done.

I didn't complain about my ordeal back then either, I didn't have to, my foot did all the talking. We (my sisters & I), had to walk a long distance to & from High School back then & you can imagine how long it took me on this day. My foot hurt pretty good when arrived home & I only had myself to blame, besides, I didn't get any compassion back then & that's ok, I now hear the message God was trying teach me, that makes this bee moment seem bigger than life. It's funny how you can see clearer as you get older, it's like you actually stop & listen, instead of constantly making noise, professing how much you know. I like to take things one day at a time & currently, this girl is simply happy the bee this morning, didn't decide to sting me after saving it, lol. But maybe that's another lesson I will learn at a later date, maybe....

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