Thursday, June 14, 2012

CSHA Gymkhana Schooling Show - Cottonwood, CA

I LOVE horses.....their power, their beauty, their determination to make us happy, are just a few reasons, When I was little, I would just be amazed with thoughts of riding a big dog & at times they seemed almost majestic to me (along with the thought I might find a rare secret unicorn,...don't judge, lol). I used to sketch them all the time in High School & I still have a few drawing I did, just after Richie was born (over 22 yrs ago). I longed to have my own horse for many, many years. Back then, I didn't know many girls who didn't dream of a horse when they were little & thought they were just as majestic as I did. I don't ride but you don't have to, to love them.

This last Sunday I went to the Bobby Jones Arena in Cottonwood, CA to photograph, what turned out to be, some pretty amazing horses & riders, during a CSHA Gymkhana Schooling Show. Don't worry, I have absolutely no idea how to say it either but I had a blast.

The wind was kicking up pretty good, blowing hay, dirt, (someone also pointed out horse poo as well,... Great! lol) & sawdust all over the place. I'm still coughing, I'm sure I inhaled a ton of it (yes, Kristin, I'm still complaining, lol) but there were breaks in between events to get out of the sun & wind & I got to witness & meet some pretty talented people.

I'm totally jealous of all the riders, no kidding. I wish I was as good as some of them, right down to some riders that barely looked 7 yrs old. A friend pointed out that I was getting to do what I love (photography) while she got to do what she loves (ride) but that only made me more jealous, maybe I'll take up riding a little later down the road when Matt goes into High School, I'm going to start missing being a needed mommy like crazy & will need something else to soak my time into. 

You can see more pictures on my fb page & remember please do not crop or edit my photos. I appreciate it, Thank you.

This last photo reminds me of a horse I rode a few times when I was in High School. Her name was Naughty & she didn't like her owner. I didn't ride her with a saddle & was super proud when I got her to run (and that I didn't fall off), especially after the owner said she wouldn't run (I always thought I had Native American in my blood & didn't need a saddle but honestly I don't think I have a drop, funny how a childs minds work.). One day she bit at her owner & he tried to smack her in response, when I was on her back & no saddle. She reared up & I was amazed I stayed on her. I didn't get to ride her after that, she was deemed too dangerous when in fact it was the owner that was dangerous & down right mean. She just didn't like him & neither did I. She was sold to a neighbor not long after that. Thank goodness. I want to go back & do this again, it was good for my soul (and the child within).

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