Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matt, Sarah, Allysum & Olivia, Redding, CA

Spreading a little Christmas cheer. Taken 12-10-09.
Around the Holidays everybody starts thinking about what's REALLY important & I'm no exception. I am so blessed that I know great people who are there for me during my photography growth. This family is one of those blessings. I have had the pleasure in capturing them in photographs 4 times in the past year, Wow! They have given one thing that can't be bought & passes quickly, TIME. Matt & Sarah, I couldn't become a better photographer without you. I want to thank you for letting me come over & please keep calling for more. Your family is so beautiful inside & out. Merry Christmas & God bless.
Children are so innocent at these ages & it shows with Allysum sporting those adorable pig tails giving daddy Angel kisses. The photo below tells me I needed to increase my shutter speed but I love it just the same. Olivia has the biggest brown eyes but looks the same as her 3 month session. Both are so pretty.
Simply beautiful eyes, just wait til she asks for the car keys with those big brown eyes. Allysum started doing this eye expression. Matt barely encouraged her to do it & soon we were all laughing. It's the OHHHHH MY-GOSH look, we were cracking up so hard it was hard to keep the camera still.
Isn't Allysum a little angel.
Such beautiful girls with the biggest eyes & perfect lips that just keep on going.
Sugar was such a good girl. I absolutely LOVE dogs & haven't met a dog that didn't just go crazy after showing it a little lovin'. And NO...they really CAN'T get enough, so I'm happy to give it. When I dropped off their photo disc a couple days later, Sugar got so excited to see me, Sarah said I was like her BFF...Ditto for me Sugar. I'm working on a post with all the 4-legged kids I've captured so far, I'm hoping I'll be done soon. Thank again Bram family.

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