Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Move Over Ponch!!

This is a good friend of mine & Jon's that just graduated from the CHP academy & it's about time :). His training isn't over with but I can already see how much of a man he has turned into. These pics were taken on 12-5-09 when he was moving to his new location in Southern Calif & we were saying good-bye & good luck to him. He was so awesome & put his uniform on for me. He is like our son & so proud to watch him grow. Those who know him will understand the purpose for the last photo & how much his heart has to heal but as he continues to smile, so will Sarah. We love you P.C & so proud of you.
He is trying to smile here but you can see how tired he was. What a trooper :)
I had to include his best boy Blaine. Isn't he so cute. These last two are my fav's. As soon as I knew he would wear his uniform, I knew I had to take the next pic & it turned out better than I could have hoped for...just look at those gorgeous blue eyes.
Thank you P.C. for letting me post these pictures. I love them, even though people think they're not photogenic, you did a great job. I know you were tired & had a long drive ahead of you but I appreciate it more than words can say. Keep safe & keep in touch.

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