Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pets, pets & more pets

When I photograph a family, I can't leave the 4-legged kids out. To me, they are just as much part of a family as the 2-legged one's. Here are just a few I have photographed over this last year, they may be repeat photos but this post is dedicated to our unconditional BFF's. Remember Sugar, she was in previous photos with her family. There is also a cat named Cookie but she was harder to capture.
Molly was so cute & so full of play.
Chevy is a young beautiful horse & really need more pics of. He was a typical teenager when I photographed him, he didn't want to listen to any calls or noises we made so we could get his ears pointed forward. The lesson here is that I learned what didn't work.
Introducing Tomo & Peaches. Tomo is a chocolate lab.
Doesn't Peaches look so cute in her little sweater.
We rescued this kitten from a litter born under our house. She was the last one we found a home for & almost kept her but Jack decided it was funner to chase her around the house. We didn't want to find out what he would do if he ever caught her.

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