Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Allilah's smile

STOP!!! This post contains contagious smiles & loads of happiness, Proceed with caution! Do you ever see those smiles that just make you smile & each time you see it you can't help but be happy? Well, THIS is that smile. Meet Allilah (Ah-Lee-Lah). I met her for the first time Tuesday & each time I look at her picture below, I can't help but smile. And so smart too, she's only 3 but talks like she's 30. She is new big sister & I'll be posting the family soon but couldn't help sharing this happy smile. I know a few people in need of smiling today so this is for them.
This is the reason I love photography, capturing beautiful children just being happy & having fun. She was totally all over the place & she loves posing like a gangsta (photo below). She totally cracked me up the whole time I was with her family. Things she said were just not typical coming from someone her age & had me smiling all afternoon. And......she LOVES PINK (& purple too but that color doesn't count), we hit it off immediately & I loved her pink shoes, pink jacket & her (H-E-L-L-O) freshly polished pink toe nails. She got them to match her mom's & we both agreed it was the perfect color.

This wasn't even a photo session, just meeting mom (Shannon) & dad (TC) at the Sundial Bridge but who could resist taking photos of this cutie puh-toodie. Her 1-month old baby sister Alannah slept almost the entire time & I hope to be taking newborn pictures of her soon.

Allilah, Hang loose Chickee! ("Chickee" is a registered trademark of DB aka Dana, LOL) I hope Allilah's smile makes everybodies day just a little happier.

Can you see where Allilah gets her fun attitude? I love this photo. Shannon couldn't stop laughing at times & even snorted when I asked her to hold her face in a serious pose. Hope I wasn't supposed to keep the snorting a secret ;P

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My World and I said...

aaauuuw thats soo cute, our names are exactly the same and exactly how I pronounce it too. My name is Allilah Amirah (same right?). I was browsing my name just for fun and then I saw your post & I really loved how much you could capture a beautiful smile like hers. Is she, your niece? Shes really cute :)

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