Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Abi's 2nd Easter - Redding Photography

Taken 4/1/2010
This is Abi, isn't she a gorgeous little doll. I was so happy when Katie called wanting Easter photos. We headed to a park & just let her play. The next two photos below show how the day started & how it ended. She was such a cautious little girl studying her guest so intently & kept guarded to an extent. It took a while to open her up but once we did, she flashed the cutest smiles. The biggest one's came from Katie playing with her. Besides the photo above being my fav of the day, I LOVE both the photos below, from her looking for the location of the crazy woman with the big black thing attached to her face, to being relaxed & just having fun with mom. What a beautiful little girl.

This is just plain good old fashioned happiness you're seeing here.

She is really holding herself up on these bars.
Her eyes are so pretty & blue.
She loves running after her mommy.
The photo above makes her look like such a big girl. Katie, Thank you for this time together.
I had so much fun & next time I'll remember to bring the reward for Abi being so good (can't believe I left it at home). Abi has grown so much & is really showing her own character, thank you for allowing me to capture her beautiful little self. Hope to see you soon.

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jbanks74 said...

Hi Kim! This is Jennifer Banks..Brandon Banks sister! I recently just got engaged and am starting to think about my wedding and i love the pictures that you have taken of abbi and salah and micah!The wedding pictures are really awesome! You do a great job and i would really love to talk to you about possibly doing my wedding. You phogography style is perfect, fun, loving and definatley memorable! Hope to talk to you soon!

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