Thursday, April 8, 2010

Awaiting Hayley - Redding photography

Taken 3/27/2010
This is Amanda, John & my newest on location assistant, Cameron.
This is a truly fabulous family & they're about to announce the arrival of their new little sweet pee Hayley. I traveled out of town to do this maternity session & I loved every minute of it. My Jon would tell you that I talked the whole way home (just over an hour but 60 minutes he can't get back LOL), about how cute Cameron is, what happened in each moment that made me laugh & how happy I was that I got a certain shot. I even tried to show him the pictures off the camera while he was driving. Cameron is the cutie I met some months back during a park session & I was so excited to see him again. The family is also in the process of a home addition & John took some time out for photos which I thought was pretty cool of him. I have read about how men don't like to have their pictures taken but in all honesty, I haven't met one yet :)
We let John get back to work pouring concrete. His parents were there helping and a neighbor said John's mom was the hardest working woman he'd ever seen (and she totally was). There's something about that pride when building something yourself & I thought this was a great "during the addition" photo for them.
Isn't Amanda simply stunning. She has such a little baby bump but she is in fact, only weeks away from being more comfortable.
Cameron started assisting me about halfway through the session & Wow, he was a BIG helper. All I had to do was ask him to kiss the model & he did such a good job. I was able to capture this forever moment for Amanda.
Cameron was so calm & comfortable in his own surroundings. Since I drove to their home, he literally got to run around in his own yard, play with his dog, ride his bike, pick berries, work on his truck, blow bubbles & so much more. I think we all had some fun that afternoon.
A man & his truck. The Dynamic Duo.
Cameron was so proud of his helmet & was telling me, "Kim, It's This BIG!" while Amanda was getting it from the house. Truth be told, I think it feels that big to him when he's puting it on.
Isn't he so cute & he's smart too, I kept thinking he was older than he is. He is going to be a GREAT big brother. Thanks for the bubble gum Cameron, hope to see you soon & most importantly, Congratulations on your new role of being a big bro!

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