Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When it hits the fan...

I'll tell you, sometimes when things go wrong in my life, it feels like I'm a moth in a bug zapper. For the most part, everybody is healthy & well. My computer didn't make out so well (it got a bad virus displaying itself as AVG). It had to be wiped clean & I needed new photo software. K, that was taken care of...new software ordered, have to wait for it to be delivered, got a great price so can't complain too much. I'll just try to make the best of it, besides...it could be worse (famous last words). As I get it home & try to download a trial version of the photo editing software to get me by until the actual disc arrives, I discovered that it required 1 GB of available space to run . I recalled the shop telling me my computer only had 1 GB (Total) & it was OLD memory. Well, that means a new computer (insert moan of dread here). On a happier note, I get to use Jon's laptop for my photo editing & I'm not "down" as long as I would have been, had I needed to wait to buy a new computer. It has a different screen so it doesn't view accurate but I'm working around that the best I can. I won't say it could be worse cause I know it could.
The good news is that I have been busy. Taking maternity photos in Susanville with Amanda & her family, photos for my nieces Mary (her boyfriend John) & Carly & my great niece Marina during a visit they made to Redding, photos of the Special Olympics Basketball tournament, photos of Abi & Katie (an ex-co-workers little girl & her mommy) & photos of my nephew TC & his kids yesterday. I will be posting all of those soon I hope.
SCHOOL VIDEO UPDATE...I got to show the teacher the rough draft of the video for Open House. She said it was better than she could have hoped for & that the parents are going to love it. While we were watching it, the office called her room & she started telling them to send the Principle if he was available to view what I had done. There was a mother in the classroom that day as well & the mother stated she wasn't going to buy a yearbook, she wanted the photo video instead. The kids loved it too, asking if I added a specific photo to the video & laughing out loud when it showed somebody making a funny face. One of the 2nd graders even came up & asked me if I had them for sale cause he wanted to buy one for his mom, so cute. All in all....I had a thumbs up from all parties. With the teacher being pregnant, she asked if she was going to cry when we started watching it...I told her I always cry when I hear the first song but knowing her hormones were out of whack, I told her she probably would. I still have to add a few students & process a few more photos but it's mostly done. The top of this page has one of the photos I converted to b&w & if you view the last post, you'll see the difference (I love b&w). My only regret is that I can't show the video on my blog, it's pretty long anyways, so far consisting of 3 different songs (the teacher loved the songs I added to it as well). I hope to do this for a few more classrooms so other grades can get a little extra money for end of year parties as well. It only takes my time to take & process the photos then convert them into a video. I already know what songs work, what the kids like to see, what the teachers & parents like to see & as a mom, I would buy the video if my kid was in it. That day I came home to Jon with so much excitement & happiness, I think I was grining from ear to ear.
So...what do I take from this whole computer experience? After wondering what God was trying to tell me (I'm always questioning myself to what God is trying to tell me to do with my life, especially when things go bad. Jon pointed out how happy I am with what I'm doing & how God has to want that for me), I realized sometimes it's not always his hand in what's going on. If there is good, there is evil. Looking at the computer experience, I realized it was time to get up to date & shouldn't run a photography business without the proper updated equipment (it's like taking professional photos with only a point & shoot camera in your arsenal). Having my computer down meant I had to get off my bootie & take some pics even if I couldn't do anything with them. I seen the difference in my photography in a big way & I'm getting pretty proud of myself (I think God wanted me to get more confidence & to show me what I can do). The school video showed me that people like what I do & I need to stop being so hard on myself (easier said than done). Personally, I don't want to just take pictures of kids, I want to create something people find beautiful & want to display in their home as art, not just another photograph on the wall. This video begins a huge opportunity for me to show my work & to grow in confidence that will lead me to that goal. I also learned that my kids can't be on my new computer when I get it, even if they didn't mean to click that bad internet link :)
What does God have in store for me? He will let me know if I try to have patience & listen (which I'm lacking in a huge way). He will lead me each day if I ask for his love & guidance. I may not have a clue the day it's happening but when things come together down the road, you get to see how amazing God is & you see the bigger picture. That is what I'm still learning, from what I first thought was a fiasko, to realizing the good in people & the things to come. Evil may have a hand in some bad things happening but it's the goodness that comes from that, is the biggest lesson in my life. With age, comes wisdom & with all the luck, this moth might get zapped a little (this time, it was in the wallet) but I survived the zapper & I'm going to be okay.

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