Monday, September 27, 2010

My niece, My way - Redding Photography

I can't go with you, I tried to get someone to watch the kids for me but it fell through. My sister actually seemed disappointed when she told me that yesterday, but I was thinking...You were coming with us....nuh-uh! This was MY fun-unique-teenage gift to my niece & I wanted to do it my way, just Sam & me. Not that I don't love my sister, but I had been looking forward to using my niece in images I wanted to create & for her to feel like she was getting one-on-one time with Aunt Kim. Sam always talks about being a singer so I thought I would create photos for her "debut album" cover. SO, Happy Birthday Sam! Thanks for having so much fun & letting me capture the funner side of you. The 1st color photo below is my fav of the day.
I have wanted to take images such as these for a long time & my goal is to gather more talented teenagers & capture them my way. So, if you know someone (or maybe it's you) with a talent, leave me a comment & I might be contacting you for a FREE session.

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