Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family gathering - Long Overdue

This is Jennifers family, her mom & dad, her brother with his family, her sister with her family & grandma. They were long overdue for family photos & I was very honored Jenn asked me to capture their time together. We started the session later in the afternoon & tried to find the most shade in the yard (which wasn't easy with so many people), but as the day went by, the lighting got better and better. The temp was an OMG 106 degrees (give or take), we were all pretty hot but the kids were really good sports during a few posed photos (they had much more fun with candid shots which are my fav too ;P). Jenns sister Kim (small world meeting all these other Kims) just had a baby about 7 weeks prior & this was their first gathering since their new additions. Proud grandparents
The photo above is the foot size difference of the new babies. Photo below, Kim is holding Katelynn (less than 1 wk old ) & Jenn is holding Joshua (about 7 wks old). As I always say, they grow so fast.
This photo pretty much sums up the day for me, happy & fun. After-all, imagine going to a portrait studio...not gonna happen for this family & I couldn't be happier. I love & appreciate each chance I get to grow with them. Thank you again Jenn & Chuck & entire family. Hope to see you soon.
More to come...

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