Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family gathering - Scotts family

Can you believe I made her cry?...Due to some family members driving in from out of town & out of state, we shot the session around 3pm, not a great time for kids & not the right moment to say what I said. I seen the big smile this adorable girl was flashing me, took the shot, then I wanted to get her giggling for a more natural smile & said, "Hmmm, I don't think she's smiling big enough, I think we're gonna have to do something about that..." That was all I said, I didn't get a chance to finish my sentence & she started crying. I FELT HORRIBLE! I was told a few moments later that she was hungry & had slept through lunch & that's why she was so emotional but it didn't console me much & I was careful of what I said from there on out during the next 3 hours. I made it my goal to gain her trust & capture a natural-happy-unposed-giggling smile. And I did it! Score one for the scary woman with the black thing attached to her face.
I love how daddy rescued her & whisked her away. Daddy is prince charming to little girls. Someone once told me I never would have captured the photo below if things would have gone smoothly & that he liked the photo. Of course he was right. I realized it wasn't what I said but how her day was going.
And once she ate...
...and deciding to give me a 2nd chance
...we got to have that tickle party & I captured a super sweet smile out of her, out of all of them. I love it when all is well & we just laugh & have fun.
Both of them had gorgeous lashes with big beautiful blue eyes.
I know, I could I make this gorgeous eyed beauty cry?
What did I learn? To take afternoon sessions a little more delicately & gain a childs confidence by showing them some photos on the LCD, complimenting them when I first arrive & keep the kidding stuff for after the warming up period. It could & will, totally back fire.
Thank you to Jennifer & Chuck, So happy to be there for you, more newborn photos of Katelynn is next.

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