Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mrs Kristinas family - Anderson Family Photography

I have known Kristina for more than a few years now & even though we don't talk or hang out often, I consider her a good friend just the same (those are the best kind of friends in my opinion, there's no pressure of dividing my time between so many people in my life & you know they're always there for you no matter how many times you go for coffee with them). I was so happy she asked me to take a few family photos, I just wish I had more than a quick 30 minutes at the park. So many ideas, so little light but we managed to get a few cute pics & the best part is, she loves them, I couldn't ask for more. I wish I had a dollar for everytime guys complained about getting their photos taken & Matt (her husband) was no exception. Kristina being the patient, wonderful teacher that she is, found a way to convince him of changing his attitude before she was forced to send him to the principals office. To get out his frustration, Matt decided to shake the tree for a great action shot below, ha.
I love this last photo. Thank you Kristina, Matt, Wyatt (and of course their dookie Jake), you guys made the evening fun & a special thanks goes to Matt for explaining how a girl should treat a real truck (Jon's Chevy). He cracked me up but hey, at least the man cares & I did learn a few things. I know Jon will be happy to know Matt's looking out for him (I mean his truck), lol. Hope to see you again soon!!!

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