Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby Madison - Redding CA Photography

I've been waiting a long time to meet this little cutie.
Introducing Madison, the sweet baby girl of Jessica & Danny (my December 2010 bride & groom & I took their maternity photos in May 2011). When it's super chilly outside (& boy was it this day), I love getting photos of babies at home, keeping them in their own comfy environment. I was just missing the most important ingredient to great photos, I needed sunshine & this day totally fell short of granting me any much needed luck but I think they turned out pretty good considering, if I do say so myself. I plan on putting newer ones on my fb page (Kimberly Kester Photography) as I edit them. There are a few other cute ones I didn't take the time to edit & include before posting this & I still want to share them. Enjoy!!
The photo above is for one of my bff's, Dana. Madison is from a hunting family too, so we had to get her in camo & (of course) Pink! This little girl was such a good baby, NO, really, I mean it, she was happy the entire time & she wouldn't stay asleep for more than 5 minutes. This little lady didn't want to miss out on anything...after all, she was the star for the day.
We started the morning off with a bubble bath, She loves herself a good bath, let me tell you. Next time, I might have mom blow a few bubbles while the baby is looking at her, I think it'll give it a cool effect.
Love it when they find their toes & have their tongue sticking out. Cutest picture ever! You should view it larger (by clicking on it) to see it the best. She's such a doll!!! Toes, love those wonderful toes.
Such a happy baby, don't you just LOVE the chin dimple!!!!
She's such a cute little peep now (Don't you just love that hat!!!) but just wait,...she's going to be a knock-out like her mommy!
I think in the end, I wore her out, this was the last photo I took of the session. I didn't want to risk another nap lost for a couple photos so I let her sleep & said my good-byes. Next time there needs to be background noise in the room (TV or radio playing) during baby sessions, it would allow for the camera clicks & prevent the room from getting too quiet. I wish it had been warmer for outdoor photos or at least sunshine so I could have done better indoor photos. Argh!! I'll get over it, eventually.
Congratulations again to Jessica & Danny (& their entire family), hope to see you again soon & Thank you!!

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