Sunday, April 22, 2012

Camera Recipes

Isn't this redbud beautiful?
I was using my favorite 50mm 1.4 lens for buttery blur outside of the bush. These photos are barely touched in post processing, the blur is the lens, not photoshop.
I was standing as still as possible, almost completely against it with the lens hood just an inch from the bush. I had my camera in manual, I focused on the inside of the bush, so the branches coming towards the camera would be blurred. The aperture was set at f/4, shutter speed @ 1/320 & ISO 200. It gives you a good starting point. I would always recommend starting out with the lowest ISO possible & increase as needed. Check your histogram with each shot, especially with each lighting change. Remember, to the right is for bright, to the left is for dark, you want it to look like a mountain. This was an overcast morning around 9 am & the bees were buzzing right next to me. I even got a lucky shot of a few of them & I didn't have the settings on for freezing it in action, I still love it anyways.
If you weren't excited about what this post had to say, I apologize but at least the photos are pretty ;)
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