Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweet Baby Andrea, Congratulations!!!!

Taken 11-28-09. Remember Geoff & Amanda's wedding? Well, Amanda was expecting her first child during that wedding & I am extremely happy to introduce Sweet Baby Andrea (Andi). Andrea is about 2 months old now. Due to me being very ill right after Andrea's birth, they were not able to visit Redding for her first photo session so we took a trip to Oregon during Thanksgiving that allowed these precious moments to be captured, Finally! This is my antique chair I was so happy to receive from Jon...and yes, I hauled it with us just for this occasion.
Love these dimples. She got her daddy's dimples. Look at that smile, she's going to be a knockout when she gets older.
This quilt is special to Amanda. It says, "God's Littlest Angels" (I know it's hard to see), so I put the blocks spelling Andi above the writing. She really is a little Angel of God...and look at that tongue.
Love the expressions of Andrea & how she looks at her mommy & Auntie Kim.
Look at the way Geoff looks at Amanda. I love it! He loves her so much & look at that dimple of his. See where Andrea gets them...
Sleeping Beauty had to rest, she was awake for a lot of the session & I couldn't wait for sleeping pics.
The whole session didn't go without it's up's & down's & I had to catch that bottom lip. These moments don't last forever & they grow so fast. Every detail is very precious.
I love this shot. When I first got to the house, I was setting the camera for the lighting & Andrea flashed me the peace symbol. I took the picture so I could show them I wasn't crazy. Sooooo cute. I can't wait to get more time with her as she grows.

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Anonymous said...

“These photos are unbelievable. She will only be this small once so I am glad I have these to hold onto forever. You captured some very special moments. I absolutely adore the picture of her looking up at me, and her smiles while she is laying on that special quilt that was made for her. And now I will never be able forget that bottom lip. Thanks again for your hard work. Your passion for photography makes all the difference!”

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